Govt confirms Zambian is held hostage in Sudan

The PF regime has confirmed Zambian Watchdog exclusive revelations that a Zambia national, Felix Ngoma, was abducted and is being held Hostage in Sudan.

Minister of foreign affairs Harry Kalaba told parliament on Wednesday that all efforts were being made to have him back.
Responding to a point of order from UPND Monze Central MP Jackie Mwiimbu who wondered whether government was in order to remain silent when a Zambian National had been abducted, Kalaba told Parliament that he had been briefed by his staff at both the Zambian office and the Geneva Office.

Kalaba said the Zambian regime was engaged in quite diplomacy so as not to endanger the security of Mr. Ngoma and that he, Kalaba was going to issue a more comprehensive statement at his office later.

In his point of order, Mwiimbu said every responsible and civilised government in the world takes care of the welfare of its citizens, especially on such matters.

The Monze parliament wondered why PF government had been in captive for 18 days now without briefing the nation. “Mr. Speaker sir, I also realise that the PF government actually enjoys good diplomatic relations with the government of Sudan, which supports the Janjaweed rebels currently holding a Zambian national captive. Are they in order to keep quite when the life of a Zambian citizen was in danger.

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