Govt continues fighting with little children in secondery schools

After failing to address problems in tertiary institutions leading to closures of colleges like Evelyn Hone, the PF regime has now closed three secondary schools due to rioting.

After enduring prolonged periods of learning under poor facilities, taking horrible diets, pupils in central province have decided to riot.

So far, pupils from three secondary schools Ibolela High School, Justine Mukando Secondary School and Serenje Technical High School have rioted and the schools closed.

At Ibolela pupils ran amok burning down classrooms in protest of a poor diet and also unsatisfactory management of the school.

The riot at Ibolela comes barely 48 hours after Mukando High School pupils in Serenje also rioted over similar complaints with Serenje Technical High School pupils also joining the growing list of discontent in high schools.

At Justine Mukando Secondary School in Central Province pupils smashed school property worth K7000, barely 24 hours after the Serenje Technical Boys School ran amok and gutting and damaging school blocks.

Speaking on behalf of other pupils, Juliet Chisenga, the school head girl at Ibolela, said the cause of the riot was due to the long standing water problem where all the pupils were drawing water from one mono-pump which sometimes had low water pressure.
Juliet also added that the school was facing accommodation problem where a 44-capacity dormitory was occupied by 88 children when other dormitories had been completed awaiting handover.

But instead of addressing the complaints of the teens, education minister John Phiri decided to issue threats.

He was heard on ZNBC Wednesday morning saying the PF government will tolerate pupils who resort to rioting.

He said all the schools here pupils have rioted have been shut and that even those who are due to sit for exams have no choice but to go home.

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