Govt continues setting police on peasant farmers just for demanding payment

Govt continues setting police on peasant farmers just  for demanding payment

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 23.08.49 Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 23.01.11As the outgoing regime continues fighting as to who becomes their next leader, government operations are grinding to a halt.
Farmers in particular are extremely hit, as there is no payment for their produce. Just last week, farmers in Northern province were arrested for demanding payment for the maize they supplied to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).
Yesterday morning (Monday), riot police had to be called in to disperse farmers that had gathered at FRA head office in Chipata to demand payment.

The farmers were demanding money or that FRA gives them a date on which they should go and collect or retrieve their maize from FRA and sell it else in order for them to sustain their lives and continue producing more especially that they have entered another farming season.
The situation was the same in Kabompo district of Northwestern province where more than 300 stormed the office of the district commissioner demanding payment.

The farmers were repelled by riot police when they demanded that ZRA should either pay them there and then or give them back their maize.

The farmers complained that due to government failure to pay them, they will not be able to produce maize this season since they have no money for seeds and fertiliser and it is in the middle of the planting season.
In the photos, farmers at FRA hustling with police Monday morning

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