Govt, CSO’s deadlocked on new constitution

The Patriotic Front government and Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s) have reached a deadlock over the handling of the new constitution. This follows the announcement by the Technical Committee on drafting of the new constitution that government has insisted on printing ten copies only to be given to President Michael Sata. The committee announced at a Press briefing at government complex this afternoon that they have met President Sata several times to try to convince him that the draft constitution should also be distributed to CSO and other interested parties but the ailing Dictator has refused. The committee said President Sata has shifted the goal posts because the terms of reference never said only ten copies should be printed. The committee says since its mandate ends tomorrow December 31,2013, it had no option but to succumb to pressure and hand over ten copies to the ailing Dictator tomorrow. The committee wondered what government wants to hide from the general public. The Civil Society Organisations have since declared that they will do everything possible to make sure that the draft constitution is not manipulated. The CSO’s have since called for an emergency meeting tomorrow at Action Aid offices at 10,00 hours Zambian time.

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