‘Govt Department handling Zambeef samples took falsified analysis to court before’


The Ministry of Health Laboratory Unit called “Food and Drug Control Laboratory (FDCL) is NOT a credible institution. Well trained investigative journalists are urged to dig into the archives of the Courts records. They will be shocked to discover that the FDCL was extensively used by the DEC to cook false results so as to secure convictions of the vulnerable people in the Courts of Law.

(a) A Court in Ndola realised that the DEC used false analysis produced by the FDCL to try and convict the Patel for importing cocaine plants from India; but defence lawyers successfully helped the Court establish the plant materials were actually spices.

(b) Another Court in Lusaka ruled that the FDCL had presented false analytical data in Court to the effect that cosmetic products that Mrs Musuka was exporting to South Africa were contaminated by mind-altering drugs.
Bonaventure Mutale and John Sangwa were the defence lawyers who respectively helped the Ndola and Lusaka Courts to expose the false analytical data executed by the FDCL.

The Patel family was a victim of the DEC whereas Mrs. Musuka was a victim of FTJ Chiluba who tried to inflict further punishment on the Late Ambassador Otema Musuka after being recalled from the Foreign Service.

In the case of the ZAMBEEF saga, if the meet was imported into Zambia, the question to raise is: WHICH OVERSEAS COMPANY USED FORMALIN (ALSO CHEMICALLY KNOWN AS FORMALDEHYDE) TO PRESERVE THE MEET? Yet Formalin smellsd so strongly that it can be easily detected. European and South African institutions could have detected these ‘drugs’ propagated by the DEC and their sponsors.

Mmembe is a DEADLY LIAR.


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