Govt deputy whip says constitution does not recognise independent MPs


Below is what the 2016 constitution signed by President Edgar Lungu on 5 January 2016 say about Independent MPs.

But listen to MP for Kabwe and lawyer Tutwa Ngulube embarrassing his family, fellow lawyers, PF and the president by saying the constitution does not provide for independent MPs.

Mr Ngulube is the deputy chief whip at parliament, meaning he controls PF MPs.

Here is what the constitution says ????????
51. A person is eligible for election as an independent candidate for a National Assembly seat if the person—
(a) is not a member of a political party and has not been a member of a political party for at least two months immediately before the date of the election; and
(b) meets the qualifications specified in Article 70 for election
as a Member of Parliament.

Imagine this is your lawyer in court saying

Meanwhile, the opposition have issued the following statement:

We would like to thank our Hon. Member of Parliament for Choma Central Cornelius Mweetwa and GEARS Executive Director MacDonald Chipenzi for finally putting the right context in matters surrounding the controversial Bill 10 during last night’s special debate on Prime TV against PF Kabwe Central MP Tutwa Ngulube.

It’s very dangerous and deceitful for the PF to have tried to humiliate Chapter One Foundation President Linda Kasonde by subjecting her to debating a completely new document which has not been seen by members of the public.

And these are the same fears that the Zambian people have regarding Bill 10 because PF are capable of introducing a completely new document on the floor of the house once they are given the keys to amend the constitution through a two third majority.

It was clear to all who watched the TV programme that Tutwa Ngulube was turned into a schooled boy who actually still needs more help in his education.

As UPND, we still hold our views for an all inclusive constitutional amendment process that will embrace views of the churches, the Civil Society Organizations, and citizens at large.

*Patrick Mucheleka*
*UPND Deputy Secretary General*

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