Govt effects ‘less money’ in senior teachers’ pockets

GOVERNMENT has downgraded salary scales for senior teachers resulting in a reduction of salaries.

But Ministry of Education spokesperson Hillary Chipango has said his ministry was currently harmonising salaries of its staff.

The teachers complained that apart from down grading their salary scale, Government had started deducting money from their salaries for the three years there were in a scale above their rightful scale.

From last year in September to June this year, the affected teachers were paid K6, 905 as their monthly salaries but they were now reduced to K5, 155.

The teachers, who visited the Daily Nation offices yesterday complained about the Government’s decision to downgrade them and also deduct the money which was allegedly wrongly paid to them.

The affected teachers, who sought anonymity for fear of victimization, said they were deeply concerned with the decision Government had taken to reduce their pay which would negatively affect their livelihood.

According to the July 2014 pay slips made available to the Daily Nation, the reduction of the salaries was effected last month.

“From September last year our basic salary was K6, 905. My transport allowance was K690. What has happened now is that Government has reduced our salary scale from salary scale J to I. This has affected our basic salaries to K5, 155 – the loss of K1, 800.

“As if that was not enough, they are saying ‘you people we were overpaying you, therefore we are going to deduct an overpayment from the K6, 031 which will be deducted for 36 months’.”

Another teacher complained that because of these deductions and reductions in salary, his life had changed.

“We are in the midst of a wage freeze, how do they think we will survive?

For me, I have even withdrawn my children from the private school because of this arrangement. As teachers we have loans from various financial institutions.

“I have a loan with Barclays Bank and it is deducting K1, 300 per month. Now they have removed the bank allocation from the pay slip, so this bank will be pursuing me,” he said, “Now what kind of life is this one?”

But Mr Chipango said there was harmonisation process going on at the ministry and that it could have affected some senior teachers.

He told the Daily Nation yesterday that there were a number of stakeholders who were participating in the harmonization programme.

“We are yet to get more information on that, we haven’t got the information yet,” Mr Chipango said.

He appealed to teachers to remain calm as the harmonization process was on going and that they should use the available channel to air their grievances.

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