Govt evicts Regina’s Chiluba’s children, gives property to Vera

Fight for Chiluba’s properties

Following the death of the surviving spouse to second president of Zambia Frederick Chiluba, Regina, government through State House Principal Private Secretary Simon Miti has attempted to restore former First Lady Vera Chiluba as widow.

Chiluba divorced Vera Tembo Chiluba in 1999 following an allegation of adultery between Vera and car dealer, Archie Mctribouy.

In 2002, Chiluba remarried and picked former MMD Chairperson Regina Chifunda Chiluba.

Regina divorced her husband Edward Mwanza.

Regina brought into marriage her children Bwalya, Malama and Mando.

Chiluba had eight children with Vera Tembo that included Hellen, Miko, Hulda, Castro, Fred, Kaindu, Verocia, and Chongo.

He also had Tito from his first marriage and another called one called Darlington from a woman from Kabwata.

Chiluba was accorded State benefits as former head of state.

Following his death, his wife Regina continued to get the benefits as a surviving spouse.

To this effect title deeds to Chiluba’s retirement house under construction was issued to her.

Following Regina’s death last year in 2017, government has made drastic decisions.

Regina’s children that were leaving on Serval Road Kabulonga Chiluba’s home after leaving office have been evicted.

Government through petitions made by Darlington Chiluba have stripped Regina of the retirement home.

The titles will be issued to what government is calling “biological children”.

They have also allowed Vera to be treated as widow or surviving spouse despite the fact that Chiluba had divorced her and remarried since 1999.

Darlington has also led a failed court process to be given assets of Chiluba under Tedworth properties that were seized by the Taskforce on Corruption.

Vera has turned Chiluba’s Home in Kabulonga as a church.
Government has also grabbed the vehicles that were being used by Regina.
Regina’s memorial was due in February and government refused to recognize or hold it on the understanding that Regina was not First Lady and was merely a spouse to a former president.


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    chalo bantu 1 week

    very good! well done Government! i dont support you in many things but this one you have scored 100%! a prostitute will always remain a prostitute even in her death!

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    kashimbi 1 week

    Ba Vera you have grabbed everything from Regina but, will this make you happier? Not at all, you should have fought ba Regina while she was alive, you have done it to another woman’s children, your daughters will reap from your seeds.
    If ba FTJ loved you, you would have been there when he died, you don’t force Love.

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    Njangwamuloty 1 week

    But I thought Chiluba’s Childred are also all dead!

  • comment-avatar
    Njangwamuloty 1 week

    But that ka Kasai neli kanamunungu ka mutu, even after so many years after his death the stench of his actions still stink out Zambians. As for Regina, her soul must be lamenting for fuc.king an HIV positive pygmy who infected her with AIDS and all for fucko! Good for all and all other whores out there.

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    Janet 1 week

    Regina s child still have their father and an inheritance so better the go claim what’s rightful theirs. Honest did they think that those properties where theirs, not even Christ would have given them.

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    samlindo 2 weeks


  • comment-avatar
    Macgyver 2 weeks

    I support the decision of the government on this score.The biological children should enjoy their father’s trappings of success

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    kufahakurambwe 2 weeks

    If only this decision would apply to ‘all’ it would certainly deter would be gold diggers #Cynthia

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    Regina was just a mistress and not married

  • comment-avatar
    Zonzo 2 weeks

    But Chiluba and Regina really lived a fool’s life.Their pursuit of vanity ended with them looking stupid.A lesson to those who can listen.Life can be enjoyed if you just live a simple life.Pursuit of stolen wealth really does not take one anywhere not even in death.If Chiluba had made honest investments his children would still be enjoying. But look what is happening now.

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    Levy 2 weeks

    This is the best the decision ever made by a Zambian court. I love it because Regina thought she was clever when she never gave any ngwee to Vera’s children.

  • comment-avatar
    Rainman 2 weeks

    Of course, this was the only right decision made by a court in Zambia. Property is for biological children, not Gold diggers