Govt forces millers to sell meallie meal below K65

Government has forced millers to accept selling a 25 bag kg of breakfast meallie meal at K65 or less across the country.
Minister of Agriculture is today or tomorrow expected to issue a statement and probably sign a statutory instrument that will make it illegal to sell above the government imposed price.

As if K65 is affordable by Zambians.

Sichinga, his deputy Luckson Kazabu on Wednesday (yesterday) had a meeting with Millers Association of Zambia, and Zambia National Farmers Union. The agenda was to brainstorm and find an immediate solution to mitigate the high prices of mealie meal.

Sichinga told millers and ZNFU that cabinet does not want the retail mealie meal prices beyond K65/25kg bag of Breakfast and k45/25kg of Roller.

Sichunga told the meeting that government had already drafted the statutory Instrument and would go ahead to sign it whether the millers agreed or not.

The meeting lasted the whole day. By 17 hours government had forced ZNFU and Millers Association to accept the following:

1. Maize prices wherever it comes from will be at K1.60/kg or K80 per 50kg bag to millers
2. Breakfast will be sold RETIAL not beyond K65 per 25kg to the consumers, inclusive of the retailers’ margin and transport, to apply across the country and millers will make their own business decisions where to sell their mealie meal.
3. Roller meal RETAIL price would not exceed K45 per 25kg bag
4. Exports of mealie meal were banned with immediate effect
5. Bran export ban was lifted with immediate effect up to end of April 2014.
6. The Government will advise on the next source of maize supply after the current maize being held by grain traders and millers has been exhausted.

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