Govt fundraising from jobless youths: probably raised K4.6m from military job applications

Govt fundraising from jobless youths: probably raised K4.6m  from military job applications

Youths seeking jobs at army headquarters

Youths seeking jobs at army headquarters

Ba Watchdog napapata post this for me:
In response to the recent update from ZAF that 73000 applied & less than 400 will be recruited, I would like to apeal to the Government under the leadership of Edgar Lungu to stop wasting our time as youths. Honestly what criteria can you use to employ less than 400 people out of 73000 applications? This is the reason why Nepotism will never end in Zambia. Do you know how much we spent as jobless youths to apply through post?
Despite been jobless you denied us hand-delivered applications & subjected us to Zampost express services.We were charged not less than k21 for express post. K21 X 73, 000 = K1, 533, 000. If ZAF, ZNS, Zambia Army received 73, 000 applications each we all talking about K1, 533, 000 X 3 which = K4,599, 000.
How can they make k4599000 out Jobless youths & recruit less than 400 youths countrywide? What you have done is very evil & God will punish you for that. It’s obvious that you are broke & you just wanted to make money out of us. Zampost is a Governmental institution & the k4599000 they made is very much yours.
During MMD’s time Defense recruitment never took this long to commence after the add. 2 weeks after advertisement the recruitment process would start. For you its almost 2 months from the time an advert was placed yet no response. This is the worst Government Zambia has ever had & thats why a dove refused to fly away during the National Prayers.
This Government must start doing things the right way if they are going to win next year’s elections. Going for Prayers is not a solution. The God of Abraham does not allow short cuts. The National Prayers we had are not different from a Huband who beats up his wife & upon realising that he was wrong, he runs to God & asks for forgiveness. Why not 1st making piece with the wife who is in pain & then ask God for forgiveness? Bringing this into our situation in Zambia:
-PF has has failed 2 create jobs for youths
-PF lied about Sata’s health until he died.
-PF promised 2 give us a constitution in 90 days but 4 years in power, no constitution.
-Edgar Lungu promised to cary on Sata’s vision but brought back the people Sata fought night & day & accused of stealing his presidential victory i.e. RB na Dora.
What PF needed to do was to apologise to the people of Zambia about the issues I have mentioned & many other issues i have left out before running to God.
Through out Edgar’s speech during the so called National prayers I never heard anything apologetic to the people of Zambia so which reconciliation were they talking about?
Kambwili do something! don’t let people like Edgar Lungu who weren’t there when you, Guy Scot & Sata started PF make the party lose the Elections next year. Kambwili all the way! Please don’t let me down you are my hero.

Affected, unemployed youth

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