Govt issues circular to abolish responsibility allowances for teachers

The bankrupt PF government intends to inflict more pain on civil servants by abolishing responsibility allowances for teachers through a circular number B15 dated 9/08/2013.

The move means that civil servants, especially teachers will only get a K300 as increment in real value instead of K1100.

To add salt to an injury, civil servants who retire will no longer be getting lump-sum payments but will instead get their retirement packages like normal salaries till all their benefits are exhausted.

This means civil servants who retire will forget about the possibility of a one-off investment opportunity by being paid the whole amount as they will be subjected to getting their usual monies in monthly salaries.

Technically this means that most of them, retiring at the newly revised retirement age of 65 years will die without having enjoyed their benefits.

The circular that was generated from the Ministry of Education Permanent Secretary and the Public Service Management Division, has sent a lot of panic among teachers and other civil servants who are now appealing to their compromised union leaders to intervene.

The move comes at a time when ailing dictator President Michael Sata has already started paying himself a lump sum amount for his retirement package by building himself a mansion even when he still wants to run a second terms.

The situation is even worse for teachers because the PF government already abolished Academic Production Unit classes that were benefiting teachers in someway.

The virtually sleeping Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has so far merely issued some rhetoric claiming they will oppose the moves.

Mr. Leonard Hikaumba, who eats with both hands, told journalists in Lusaka yesterday that the labour movement was also opposed to the 65 years as retirement age, but will instead consider the 60 years minimum.



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