Govt ministries broke due to delayed financial disbursements

As the PF government is hit with a serious budget overrun, suppliers to some government ministries have stopped giving services on credit due to delayed payments.

Sources within the PF government have disclosed that disbursements to government ministries and departments are no longer regular as government has to wait for collections from Zambia Revenue Authority before they can decide which ministry can receive funding.

Among the key ministries heavily affected is the Ministry of Community Development Mother and Child Health under which District Medical Offices and Rural Health Centres fall but have not been receiving funding on time.

“Suppliers have stopped giving credit to us. The situation is pathetic and these ministers are busy on a crusade to promote subsidies when drugs and other logistics for smooth service delivery are not available,” sources said.

According to sources, even when funding is made to the ministries, priorities is always given to deputy ministers and ministers who for some reason have some pending travel requests all the time at the expense of service delivery.

“We are now back to a situation where supplies in various towns demand a cheque or cash before they can release or offer their goods and services to government ministries and departments. Companies and business people no longer trust our word. In fact, in some cases they wait for the cheques to clear before we can access the goods or services, something that was only common under the UNIP regime,” sources said.

Yesterday, FDD president Edith Nawakwi, who is a former finance minister challenge the PF to admit that they have exhausted all the money on unplanned projects such as by-elections, large cabinet, creation of districts, hence the removal of fuel and food subsidies.

There are reports on a serious budget overrun that may make it difficult for government to implement the revised conditions of service and increased salaries for civil servants in September this year.



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