Govt mute on Sata’s whereabouts as GBM warns against campaigning for presidency

Govt mute on Sata’s whereabouts as GBM warns against campaigning for presidency

The only hint that government has given so far that ailing dictator Michael Sata is out of the country is by showing that Alexander Chikwanda is the acting president.

And defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba has disclosed that some PF officials have started holding meetings for presidential campaigns.

There hasn’t been any mention on the whereabouts of citizen number one even though his movements are supposed to be public.

Yet to be confirmed reports reaching the Watchdog indicate that Sata is hospitalised in the same medical facility that Kennedy Sakeni is battling for his life in somewhere in India. Kennedy Sakeini is the PF minister of information. He is best known for issuing bitter and angry statements against people who do bot agree with the policies of his regime.

Despite Sata being away and suspected to be sick in a foreign hospital, Defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba says he has launched the re-election of Sata in 2016.

Mwamba said that he and his constituency officials in Kasama have endorsed the candidature of Sata in the 2016 presidential elections.
Mr Mwamba warned Patriotic Front (PF) officials holding secret campaigns for the party presidency that Kasama and Northern Province in general would be a no-go area for them.

He did not say who these people are and when they started campaigning but it looks like it was the day Sata sneaked out.
He said the PF in Kasama Central Constituency had launched campaigns for President Sata ahead of the 2016 general elections.
Addressing PF officials drawn from wards and the constituency, Mr Mwamba, who is Defence minister, said he was happy that PF officials in his area had resolved to give 100 per cent support to President Sata in the next presidential elections.
He said Mr Sata should be allowed to serve two five-year terms of office as Head of State before the ruling party could think of replacing him at the helm of the party.
“What I have found here is that we have endorsed President Sata’s candidature for the 2016 presidential elections. And so, who am I to oppose your decision?
“As your MP, I have also endorsed the candidate of his Excellency President Michael Sata for the presidency in the next general elections” Mr Mwamba said.
He said the PF in Kasama Central Constituency had since started campaigns for President Sata as time for the next general elections was fast approaching.
Mr Mwamba urged party members not to entertain individuals campaigning for the PF presidency in their area.
He said President Sata had only served for close to two years and should not be distracted from his vision of developing the nation by selfish people.
He explained that the PF was a popular party in the country and urged party members to continue supporting the Government for it deliver development.


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