Times of Zambia chair Musonda fired for being lawyer to HH

Times of Zambia  chair Musonda fired for being lawyer to HH

Micheal-MusondaInformation has emerged that Times of Zambia Board Chairperson Michael Musonda was relieved of his duties because he is a friend and legal advisor of UPND President Hakainde Hichilema.

A source within the PF government disclosed that Information Minister Chishimba Kambwili wrote to President Edgar Lungu to seek permission to dissolve the Times of Zambia board because it was headed by Hichilema’s lawyer and friend.

The source said President Lungu loves such discoveries and was just too excited and gladly gave a go ahead. The source said to make matters worse, the new Information Permanent Secretary Geodfrey Malama also detested the board because it is the one that fired him.

Malama then recommended Bestone Ng’onga as new Times of Zambia Managing Director Ng’onga was Business Editor at Zambia Daily Mail when Malama served as Managing Director.

What Kambwili does not know or did not know up to now is that HH and Bestone Ngomga are very close colleagues. In fact Ngonga is full of nothing but praises for HH’s work ethics and business skills.

When Ng’onga was executive director for the Media Trust Fund (MTF), HH was the board chairperson until 2006 when he joined active politics.

HH took over as chairperson from Dominic Mulaisho. Ngonga confesses that HH was the best chairperson he ever had at MTF. It was during HH’s tenure that MTF attracted massive funding and was able to construct and open up numerous radio stations across the country, which the PF is either fighting or using for propaganda. Under HH and Ngonga, Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and other media received funding and equipment.

Just after HH left, MTF collapsed.

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