Govt newspaper says Barotseland girls are prostitutes

Due to the occupation of Western province by soldiers, policemen and OP agents, the rate of HIV has skyrocketed among young girls.

From 2011 when Barotseland decided to secede, the PF government has inundated the region with soldiers and policemen from other parts of the country. These male soldiers and policemen are mainly unmarried or left their wives behind and have been targeting school girls for sexual exploitation.
However, a government newspaper Daily Mail has instead accused teenage girls in Western province of being prostitutes hence the high level of HIV.

‘This risky behaviour by young females in the western part of the country has been reflected in the 2016 Zambia HIV/AIDS Population-based Impact Assessment (ZAMPHIA), which indicates that female adolescents between the ages of 15 and 25 are the most affected’ the Daily Mail asserts.
The Daily Mail future claims that ‘Under the influence of alcohol, girls from Western province engage in casual sex, thereby exposing themselves to HIV infection, considering that Western Province has the second highest HIV prevalence rate at 16 percent, after Lusaka Province whose rate stands at 16.1 percent.

The sad part of all this is that most of these young women who are spotted on the streets of Mongu at awkward night hours are seen in the morning buying foodstuffs using the money supposedly raised from the night’s illicit transactions.

According to the report conducted by ZAMPIHA, 8.1% of the young females of this age group are infected with HIV while only two percent of their male counterparts are living with the virus.
Western Province has a population of slightly over a million people.

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