Govt officials threatening FIC boss ahead of 2018 money laundering report

Govt officials threatening FIC boss ahead of 2018 money laundering report

Mary Tshuma, the director general of the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) is currently living in danger ahead of the release of the 2018 money laundering and financial crime report.

Ministers, State House officials, lawyers and businessmen involved in dirty money are currently threatening Tsuma’s life in a bid to stop her from exposing their financial crimes again.

According to intelligence sources, the Financial Intelligence Centre is currently finalising the 2018 report but the guilty officials have already been informed of what is coming.

Due to the uproar the report caused last year, government officials are paying close attention to what FIC is doing and have placed informers in the organisation to alert them.

Last year, the Financial Intelligence Centre revealed that in 2017 alone, Zambia lost K4.5 billion (USD 450 million) through financial crimes, and that such money has been laundered.

“In 2017, the Centre analyzed and disseminated a total of 425 reports to local law enforcement agencies. The majority of cases were disseminated on the grounds of suspected tax evasion and corruption. The amount of estimated losses related to the above violations in 2017 was K4.5 billion,” Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) director-general Mary Tshuma said during a press briefing.


Following last year’s report, the Patriotic Front PF called for the disbanding of the Financial Intelligence Centre and arrest of its Director Mary Tshuma for sharing intelligence information publicly.

PF Deputy Media Director Antonio Mwanza said the FIC boss should be reported to Security wings for sharing intelligence information with members of the public.

No action was taken on the culprits mentioned in the report and the Watchdog understands that the same criminals continued laundering money and getting government contracts illegally in 2018.

A good number of law firms were cited as being in the forefront of laundering money for their clients.

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