Govt panics over exposure of stolen Ivory

Government has instructed police to issue a statement on the disappearance of ivory at the ZAWA headquarters in Chilanga.
According to our source, chief government spokesperson and statehouse instructed Lusaka province police commissioner Charity Katanga to admit that about two tonnes of ivory intercepted in Mumbwa on May 30 and taken to ZAWA armoury for safe keeping has disappeared.
But our source has insisted that the ivory was allegedly sold to raise money for pf campaigns. The sources said the money raised is being heavily given out in Livingstone by among other people former ZNBC director general Joe Chilaizya and Sata’s former body guard Judge Ngoma now a senior Zesco employee who have been in Livingstone for a month now.
SourceS said the police only new about the theft after it had been exposed by the Zambian watchdog.
Another source close to statehouse said the Zambian watchdog has been giving Sata sleepless nights.
In its main headline news Tuesday morning, state controlled ZNBC carried a story quoting Katanga that police are investigating the case and that two suspects have been arrested. She however does not name the suspects and it seems they are just preparing to find some people to parade as suspects.

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