Govt panics over fraudulent 2018 hunting licences

Govt panics over fraudulent 2018 hunting licences

Government panics over fraudulent award of hunting licenses
…directs Hunters Association to issue statement

Government has directed the Hunters Association of Zambia to refute reports that the award of the 2018 hunting licenses was fraudulent.
However, the Zambian Watchdog has established that most of the hunting licenses issued at Ndozo lodge only favoured a named Indian family connected to President Edgar Lungu and some PF officials.
Hunters Association of Zambia (HAZ) chairperson Captain Tembo claimed the award was transparent.
The Watchdog is currently compiling the list of the organisations awarded and will reveal the list.

See the statement issued by the Ministry this afternoon….

The Hunters Association of Zambia has discounted opposition Patriots for Economic Progress leader President Sean Tembo’s allegation that the 2018 Resident Hunting Raffle was fraudulent.

And Tourism and Arts Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Reverend Howard Sikwela said Zambia should desist from making statement based on ethnicity and race because the country has for many years been united on the One Zambia One Nation Motto.

Speaking when he briefed the press at Kwacha House this afternoon, association chairperson Captain David Mwila said it was said that Mr Tembo reacted the way he did because he was lucky to be picked during a raffle draw selection.

Captain Mwila said the association has proved beyond reasonable doubt that the raffle draw selection was the most transparent manner of selecting winners in competitive situation.

He said Mr. Tembo himself was winner of a package that allowed him to hunt five animals including a hippo in Rufunsa in during the 2016 hunting season.

He said the assertion by the opposition leader that 90 percent of those awarded licenses were not indigenous black Zambians is completely misleading and goes against the Republican Constitution and is meant to raise racial tension in the nation.

He said of the total 187 winners in the raffle draw33 percent were Zambians of Indian, 10 percent were Zambians of European origin and 56 were ‘indigenous Zambia’.
Last week Mr Tembo alleged that raffle conducted by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife at Ndozo Lodge in Chilanga on Friday, 26th October 2018 saying it lacked transparency and credibility favouring ‘whites’.
Sakabilo Kalembwe – Zacks
Public Relations Officer
Ministry of Tourism and Arts
3rd Floor Kwacha House

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