Govt plans to evacuate Sata as First Lady absent at award gala

The Zambian Government is making frantic efforts to evacuate President Michael Sata who is said to be seriously ill.
State House sources have disclosed that Sata collapsed on Wednesday afternoon and has not been well since. On Thursday and Friday, all presidential appointments were cancelled.
The sources say by 20 hours Zambian time, Doctors were ascertaining whether President Sata can manage to board a plane or not. ” You reported on Wednesday that President Sata almost collapsed, no he actually collapsed”.
The source said President Sata’s Heart is showing signs of failure. By 19 hours State House Permanent Secretary Kaizer Zulu was summoned to State House and was seen hurriedly driving in around 19:15 hours.
Kaizer Zulu who was driving a Green Range Rover Registration number ABK 4178 could not even wait for security clearance.
And First Lady Christine Kaseba who was supposed to be honoured by an organisation called Civil Society for Scaling Up of Nutrition at Mulungushi International Conference Center did not show up at the function this evening. ”
A source at the event said Dr. Kaseba sent apologies.
At Press time Ceremonial Vice President Guy Scott had also not arrived at the award Gala where he was also supposed to be honoured together with the First Lady for contributions both have made to the promotion of good nutrition in the country.

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