Govt refusing to issue NRCs in opposition strongholds

Govt refusing to issue NRCs in opposition strongholds

*** But dishing out even to minors for free where they think PF is popular


A Forensic Expert says it is saddening that there could be a deliberate ploy encouraging the issuance of national registration cards in regions seen to be strongholds for those in power.

Professor Gibson Mwewa, the Executive Chairperson for the Forensic Experts Bureau says if indeed true, the alleged biased and discriminatory issuance of NRCs to regions, places and people who only support a particular political party is tantamount to electoral fraud.

He said such moves are designed to ensure favourable capturing of voters in the preferred stronghold and guarantee electoral victory for those championing undemocratic and fraudulent electoral ploy.

Professor Mwewa said in a statement that it is such actions which are dividing the country on regional and tribal lines and has challenged leaders to stand up against these schemes and prove that they are not accomplices.

He said all citizens must be given an equal opportunity to obtain NRCs, be registered as voters and be allowed to take part in the voting activities.

Meanwhile, Department of National registration in Monze accused of planning to disadvantage voters ahead of 2021 elections

Department of National Registration Cards under Home Affairs Ministry in Monze has been accused of biasness and discriminatory issuance of National Registration Cards (NRC) by putting delay measures.

Monze Urban Ward Councilor Buumba Pandwe tells Radio Chikuni that people are given 30 days booking before getting an NRC.

Mr. Pandwe claims that this is a deliberate move meant to disadvantage voters in Monze ahead of the 2021 elections.

He charges that in other provinces across the country people easily get NRCs as it a democratic right of every citizens but wonders why the process is slow in Monze.

Meanwhile Monze District Commissioner Cyprian Hamanyanga has refuted the claims from the councilor.

Mr. Hamanyanga says people should not expect to get NRCs instantly as there is a normal procedure to follow.

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