Govt registers 935 firms to supply farming inputs

Govt registers 935 firms to supply farming inputs

Government has registered 935 companies and or agro dealers to supply agricultural inputs to farmers for the next farming season.

The agro dealers will supply inputs using the E-voucher system under the Farmer Input Support Program.

The Agro dealers who include market leaders such as Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia, Grandview International will have to compete with little known firms such as Ryan Motors Drops of Health etc…

Under e-voucher the famers are given electronic cards to swipe from bank machines provided by the agro dealers but they buy fertilizer from agro dealers of their choice provided that agro dealer has cheaper fertilizer.

This means agro dealers who have cheaper fertilizer will sell more than those with expensive fertilizer.
The agro dealers must source their own stock and take it countrywide to sell to whoever is interested.

It’s the buyers market or simply put farmers market because the farmers will choose where to buy stock .
It does not mean that all the registered agro dealers will sell fertilizer because some dealers who have registered do not even have capacity to buy stock from within or outside the country. It does not mean that agro dealers that have been registered will be given money by government to acquire stock.

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