Govt releases minister’s 21 trucks laden with maize meant for smuggling

Government has released the 21 trucks laden with maize amounting to 420 metric tons that were impounded in Nyimba after discovering that it is actually the same government still smuggling the maize to neighbouring countries.

The trucks belong to  Minister of Information and Broadcasting Forrie Raisi Tembo. See original story published by the Watchdog here

Yesterday, outgoing president Edgar Lungu failed to implement his earlier directive to the transporters and maize smugglers to forfeit their trucks and maize to the state.

After  discovering that the 21 trucks that were impounded belong to the PF minister, the government decided to claim that the maize was legally bought from FRA. The investigation further revealed that the maize was purchased last November and all the export documentation was very valid. 

 The government has continued to blame the opposition of smuggling the maize when in fact it’s the same government still exporting the maize despite the mealie meal shortages across the country.

Recently, Zambia National Service officers were deployed in all borders to deter maize and mealie meal smugglers, but the defence force’s efforts are amounting to nothing as the same government is commanding them to be selective in their operation.

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