Govt restricts access to Barotse detainees following exposure of Attorney Generals’ visit

Government through Prison authorities at Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison has restricted access to the four Barotseland activists following the exposure of the Attorney Generals’ visit to the prison.

A prison source told the Watchdog that following the story on Zambian Watchdog and Barotseland Post exposing the Attorney General’s visit on 1st December, all visits to the four activists will only be done during working days while weekend visits will no longer be allowed.

Most relatives and friends who in most cases travel from Western Province have been utilising weekends to visit the activists.

The source further said visits to the Barotseland activists will now be limited to 10 minutes from the usual 30 minutes while prison authorities will be present to record the conversations to monitor what information comes in and out.

‘From now on we have been instructed to place a warder to record and take note of all conversations when people visit these activists,’ said the source.

Attorney General Likando Kalaluka visited the prison on Tuesday 1st December 2015 to check on conditions under which the four activists are being held.


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