Govt sales Unza’s Goma lakes to Avic

Govt sales Unza’s Goma lakes to Avic

The Patriotic Front (PF) has sold the University of Zambia (UNZA) frontage to AVIC international in a questionable Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement.

According to UNZA sources, management at the institution were directed by Government to immediately enter into a long lease agreement with AVIC.
“UNZA management was just directed to enter into a long term lease with AVIC just like they did with the developers of East Park Mall.
” AVIC is believed to have bribed some officials with over USD500,000,” the source hinted.
The land in question includes the front part of UNZA where there are eucalyptus trees including the Goma lakes.
It is unclear what AVIC intends to develop on the land, though sources say the land is to be developed into apartments

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    Tasila 6 days ago

    It is true no smoke without fire . Just reflect on all the rumours in the end the truth emerges so whenever u smell a rat stand up and fight . This lungu regime is aiming at killing education in Zambia. How can a sensible president sale schools and higher institutions of learning ? It has never happened in the history of Zambia . Why now this is a question every Zambian should be asking themselves . 

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    You guys is some of the things you report factural. Its like most of the stories are imaginative. The Government at its weakest point now of you were serious, the people you support would gained alot of milage. But with this no evidential type of reporting demerits your seemly Objectivity.

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    abilima 7 days ago

    Successive UNZA administrations have consistently failed to maintain this scenic beauty. Even the University itself, it is a dirty structure – left incomplete by the Israelites. There has been no effort to complete the design.

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    Drseed 7 days ago

    First East Park Mall was sold by state house for 42 years lease where Unza only gets 5% of profits per year this is a robbery. We hear AVIC has built mansions for our president and his staff.No smoke without fire

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    Failed leadership in desperation mood.

  • comment-avatar
    jimmy shaba 7 days ago

    show proof

  • comment-avatar
    CHIMES OF CHAMBIA 7 days ago

    we will make it a swimming pool its too hot you fools kikikiki

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    Break News 7 days ago

    The University of Zimbabwe (UZ) yesterday conferred President Emmerson Mnangagwa with an honorary Doctor of Laws degrees during the 2018 graduation ceremony amid tight security as speculation was rife that students wanted to embarrass him.
    Mnangagwa was also installed Chancellor at his inaugural graduation ceremony at the university.
    The Zanu PF leader urged the university council, senate, and staff to spur the institution to deliver education in line with global standards, national vision and aspirations.
    “The African intelligencia in pre-independent Zimbabwe agitated for justice, equality and the right to self-determination,” he said.
    “We envisaged a Zimbabwe where all men and women have equal access to opportunities. We fought to see society living in harmony, peace, love and unity. In the second republic, these aspirations must be realized and enjoyed by all of us; talent and hard work rewarded.”
    A total of 3 632 graduands were conferred with degrees from nine faculties and the College of Health Sciences.

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    Yangu 7 days ago

    Somebody needs his head examined before it’s to late.

  • comment-avatar
    Wesley 7 days ago

    Putting apartments in UNZA frontage would deface that view…….. aesthetically. Could the powers-that-be stop this turn of events, if true!