Govt says 77 exam centre tampered with exam papers

Govt says 77 exam centre tampered with exam papers

Minister of general Education David Mabumba has just revealed that 77 examination centres tampered with 2018 exam papers.

Minister Mabumba also revealed that six grade nine examination papers were tampered with and will be replaced.

Mabumba announced that Grade 12 Examinations will start this Wednesday 31st October and end on 30th November 2018.

The minister was speaking this morning when he held a media briefing.

Grade 9 examinations will start on 2nd November 2018.

The Minister has acknowledged that an investigation undertaken after the publication by the Watchdog had proved that indeed there was widespread leakages which have been attributed to new centres that have been opened.

He said 77 examination centres tempered with the envelops of the 2018 examination which they tried to seal with other adhesives.

The Minister says disciplinary action will be taken against all erring officials

Last week, the Watchdog exposed the rampant leakages in the 2018 examinations forcing government to suspend the examinations that were already in progress.

With government revelations that 77 examination centres opened the envelopes containing the exam papers, we wonder where those people who were condemning the Watchdog are now?

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