Govt says fuel prices will soon go up

Govt says fuel prices will soon go up


Zambians should expect fuel prices to go up following the depreciation of the Kwacha.
Energy Minister Mathews Nkhuwa says the public will soon be informed by the Energy Regulation Board on the changes once calculations are concluded.

He said this shortly after he launched the Cost of Service Study survey in Lusaka.

And Mr. Nkhuwa has also disclosed that the Cost of Service Study survey will recommend its own electricity tariffs, apart from the tariffs that have been proposed by ZESCO awaiting approval.

The Energy Regulation Board has engaged Energy Markets and Regulatory consultants (EMRC), a company based in the United Kingdom to undertake the cost of service study at a total cost of over 592,000 dollars.

And ERB Board Executive Director Langiwe Zulu has disclosed that the board is still analyzing ZESCO’s application to have the tariff increased.

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    Power Buddy 7 days ago

    592.000 dollars – Zesco could have built a 500kVA solar system for that!

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    MUNYENGE 7 days ago

    Citizens need to sacrifice in order to enjoy tomorrow. In japan after Hiroshima and nakasaki were bombed the citizens of japan had contribute whatever resources they had to rebuild japan which by then Japan was just like Zambia a third world country or developing nation. Citizens of japan sacrificed their time and whatever resources they had in order to develop the country and today japan is a country to reckon with. Lets us Zambians also sacrifice for our country, development is gradual and does not just happen overnight. ECL is doing a recommendable job in developing Zambia and come 2030 Zambia shall be a middle income nation, there will be enough for us and our children and grandchildren. Will be having five meals a day, Zambia will be a land of plenty flowing with honey and milk and foreigners and investors will be rushing to come to Zambia so that they come and eat with us.

    • comment-avatar
      grandnez 6 days ago

      Zambia too lazy and ill disciplined, let alone corrupt

    • comment-avatar

      @Munyenge….During the southern african liberation struggles, zambia was host to all liberation movements . Because of our resolve to host these movements infrastructure such as bridges were bombed by South African defence forces on regular intervals. Whenever this happened we were asked to donate 10% of our salaries towards bridge reconstruction. Some offered to donate over 10%. We knew what we were fighting for. Today how can you sacrifice for these thieves to pocket. How can you sacrifice when you know money has been stolen. We have a government of thieves. They are not evening responding to the American ambassodor for calling them thieves but instead pick up the gay issue..leaving the main issue that affects all zambians…corruption.

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    Musumali Liyunga 7 days ago

    Finally even the price melie meal will also go up. The Zambian country is falling apart.

  • comment-avatar
    Zambians can do it 7 days ago

    There was no mood to engage foreign consultants Zambians can undertake the study!!!