Govt says will import more power for $20 m from SA

Govt says will import more power for $20 m from SA


Minister of Energy Mathew Nkhuwa says government may need to import another 300 megawatts of power from South Africa at a total cost of 20.5 million dollars.

And Mr. Nkhuwa says load shedding hours have not reduced in some areas even after the importation of 300 because the country is still experiencing a power deficit of about 800 megawatts.

Meanwhile, water levels at Lake Kariba have further reduced by 3 cm despite receiving some rains.

And some Small Medium Enterprises who have been affected by the load shedding have called on government to fully plan for next year to avoid the prevailing challenges.

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    Munene 1 week ago

    Lozi…..what is your argument? Do you know how much zesco is paying escom per kW of imported power? The 20m$ is the importation cost not zesco charge to you and me as consumers. As things stand, government is spending more importing power and selling it cheaply to us, consumers. Do not allow negativity block your analysis power…!!! Being in opposition does not mean opposing everything…!

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    MUNYENGE 1 week ago

    GRZ is doing everything possible to mitigate the effects of climate change which has effected the water levels at lake Kariba. My appeal to all Zambians is that you should each plant a tree. Do something useful in your life by planting a tree. Some of you don’t even pay taxes to contribute to national development, atleast plant a tree and contribute to the environmental well being of Zambia and the world at large.

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      Lozi 1 week ago

      You are PF troll aren’t you?

      300 megawatts = 300,000 kilowatts
      Zesco selling 1kilowatt for 0.89 kwacha, so 300,000 x 0.89 = 267,000 kwacha divided by 14 per US dollar = 19,071USD not 21.5 million. So where is a difference. Can you ask your bosses?