Govt stops funding financial Intelligence Centre

Govt stops funding financial Intelligence Centre

– Government reportedly withdraws funding from Financial Intelligence Centre

By Gregory Chifire

As we are still waiting for the “24hrs” ultimatum, let us not lose focus of the fight against corruption. The issue has not died, and will never be allowed to die just like that. There are so many other issues, together with the RDA matter, which we shall pursue to a logical conclusion, using all legally available channels.

It is reported that Govt has cut funding to the Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC). This is not a mere omission, but a deliberate move to cripple the only remaining govt wing that has been exposing graft involving top govt officials. This is a direct reaction to the FIC’s expose of unexplained bank deposits involving those in the corridors of power. This is sad. I don’t know where this action is taking us in the fight against corruption.

I and many others have for some time doubted govt’s seriousness in the fight against corruption. Now this singular act is confirmation enough of that view.

The ACC is gone, DEC is finished, now attempts to also destroy the FIC by the same people who have destroyed the other institutions have been heightened. Am not sure if I can say that the PF Govt is serious in fighting corruption.

Instead of funding the moribund ACC and DEC, fund the FIC because we are seeing the results of their work.

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