Govt tells civil servants to start rearing chickens

Govt tells civil servants to start rearing chickens

PF regime spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga has told civil servants not to rely on government salary but start  rearing chickens or selling salaula.

And Mulenga, who operated as a sex worker before joining politics, says civil servants salaries will from this month be unpredictable because the country is experiencing an economic crisis.

Responding to questions from journalists after a joint press briefing with another PF disaster of a minister Joyce Nonde-Simukoko, Mulenga said it was strange that some civil servants were complaining of being broke due to delayed salaries even when their salaries were delayed only for two days.

Most civil servants only started getting paid this week after days of delay.

“…we are still preparing your salaries and you will soon be paid today or any day from now. I talked to my counterpart [Felix Mutati] of the Ministry of Finance who assured me that September salaries will be ready before October 1. I just want to urge all hardworking civil servants not to depend on their monthly salary for survival. It is disheartening to find civil servants complaining of hunger just because two days have elapsed without their salaries. Start doing some fundraising projects like poultry. Before I joined active politics myself, I was running a big shop on the Copperbelt which was helping me feed my family to the fullest and taking my relatives to school,” said Mulenga who further advised civil servants to invest their salaries in income generating activities other than depending on government to feed their families. “Salaries will from now on be unpredictable because of the economic crisis we are going through.

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