Govt threatens to close Radio Mano

Government has threatened to close Radio Mano community station in Kasama.

Radio Mano is probably the most popular and vocal community radio station in Zambia.

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Mwansa Kapeya has ordered the Radio station to stop airing programmes, which in Kapeya’s opinion create public discontent.

Kapeya who visited the Radio station on Friday warned that if the Radio continued broadcasting programmes that do not please the PF regime, it will have its broadcasting license revoked.

Kapeya, a former lead comedian in ifyabukaya said he has received complaints regarding the ‘unprofessional’ conduct at Radio Mano. He said the situation is detrimental to the peace in society.

Kapeya warned that the PF government will not allow the radio station to continue airing derogatory programs without any form of censorship.

He said it was unethical for the Radio Mano to be abused by politicians whose motive is to attack government without proper justification.

Kapeya, who is also Chief PF Government spokesperson, said he will not hesitate to revoke the licenses of radio stations in the country that do not observe good broadcasting ethics.

The 2013 Human Reports by USA revealed that the current government is intolerant of independent media.

The Watchdog hereby urges Radio Mano to ignore that fool Mwansa Kapeya. The whole country is happy with what you are doing. Continue giving platforms to all citizens to air their views on the country’s governance. Kapeya and his fellow minions haveZNBC, Times, Daily Mail and the Post plus Zanis where they can utter whatever rubbish they wish so why should they block other people from speaking on smaller stations like Radio Mano?

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