Govt to construct new State House-Chitotela

Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Ronald Chitotela says a new State House has been budgeted for in the 2019 budget.
Chitotela said this when he featured on ZNBC’s Radio 2 program called Economic Outlook. He said the construction of a new State House is based on 2017 recommendations of the Parliamentary Committee on Works and Supply.
He said the committee had recommended that there is an urgent need for government to commence modalities to construct a new state house in view of security concerns.
In 2017 the then Minister of Works and Supply Mathew Nkhuwa announced plans for construction of a new State House at a cost of $20 million US dollars and emphasised that the plan could not be put off any longer but the plan met resistance from various sectors of the country.

Nkhuwa had stressed that the current State House had developed cracks and was a danger to the President and State House members of staff.

In 2017, government said the $20 million US dollars for construction of the new State House had been provided in the 2018 budget but construction ever took place and there is no explanation on where that allocation was channelled to.

Meanwhile the government is currently constructing a new Government House (Official residence for the vice president) in Lusaka.
The construction started early last year but has however been kept secret after the 2017 proposal to construct a new State House was widely condemned as a bad priority.

Current State House

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    People are suffering and many are not paid for their lobour.Povert and hunger has killed them .Their money is just on the paper and mouth.The economy is poor and u are judging it by how few rich individuals are building.mmm $20 US .Building another house and tell your children to endure suffering.

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    Opening 1 week ago

    This not serious govt economy is not doing well how can they think of new state house today. Put it in 10years not within year 20million US dollars

  • comment-avatar
    Chiwasa 1 week ago

    Presidents of Africa should learn to live simple lives like the president of Uruguay and channel state resources to needy areas such as Hospitals and Schools

  • comment-avatar
    Musonda 1 week ago

    When your hospitals are in Shambles?For how long are you going to be evacuating yourselves for medical treatment abroad?You by Jets instead of improving your medical facilities.Now state house!Sad really

  • comment-avatar
    Max Macdonald 1 week ago

    Building a new statehouse is inconsistent with the principles of prudent financial management of public resources. To illustrate: 10 Downing Street is 335 years old (built in 1684). The whitehouse is 219 years old (commissioned in 1800). Statehouse is a solid structure built, not by the more recent corrrupt administrations, but the British in 1935.  It is therefore a very young building. All it needs is a proper regime of preventive maintenance.

    I would urge the Goverment to instead apply the resources meant for a new state house, on other projects that will yield a tangible economic return to the citizenry.