Essa, Musa want watchdog online closed

Two people, Younus Essa and Yousuf Musa have instructed their lawyer Nicholas Chanda to start a process to close this website, the Zambian Watchdog Online and to seek K2 billion from the Watchdog.

According to a letter signed by Chanda on September 2, 2009, Essa and Musa say that the Watchdog on 30th August disseminated various but repeated articles concerning Essa and Musa.

According to Chanda, the articles emanated from the ‘escape of Mathew Mohan, a matter now in the peritas of the police’.

Chanda said the articles in their true meaning are defamatory and their continued existence on the web are injuries to his clients.

He said his clients are successful businessmen of integrity who have run their business with integrity. He said:

“Accordingly, the allowance of the publication and later on loose distribution, and or comment on web brings you in the web”.

Chanda said his clients have given him three instructions as folows:

“1. Our client would demand an apology from your paper which apology must be drafted and passed on to us for approval before publishing and later on dissemination same in the similar manner and fashion.”

“2. Our client, demands monetary compensation not less than K2 billion (Kwacha two billion) as our client are successful businessmen held in high esteem and well known by the majority of business doamin, and as such your publication in injurious and has negatively injured them for which they now seek damages.”

“Our further instruction are that unless, a meaningful response is rendered by Friday the 4th day of September, 2009 close of business, our strict, but firm instructions are too issue process which shall seek to among others close your web, and injunction order.”

On 31st August around 17 hours local time, the Watchdog published the following story:

Mathew Mohan Escapes from prison



Inktech managing director Mathew Mohan has escaped from police custody.

Mohan is said to have run away around 13 hours local time today but the circumstances are not yet clear.

He is said to have eluded police officers at the magistrate court when he went for mention.

Mohan was in custody in connection with the murder of Cyclone Hardware director Sajid Itowala.

Mohan was picked up on August 3, 2009 to help with investigations in Itowala’s murder.

When contacted for a comment, police spokesperson Bonny Kapeso said could neither deny nor confirm but said ‘I am also still trying to get the details.’

He was expected to issue a press statement later in the evening, according to police sources.

Police were investigating Mohan on charges of accessory and complicity to Itowala’s murder.

Police were investigating armed robbery and abduction charges, which led to the murder of Itowala.

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