Govt to spend K20m ferrying cadres as UTH runs out if insulin


In another reckless expenditure, the PF Government through Cabinet Office has so far approved more than K20 million (K20 billion old currency) to ferry cadres, musicians and dancers from all over the country for a one day campaign event at Heroes Stadium to witness outgoing President Edgar Lungu’s signing of the amended constitution.

The wasteful expenditure comes a few weeks after Lungu hoodwinked Zambians at a Press Conference that he was instituting austerity measures due to the massive budget deficit.

Sources from Cabinet Office have wondered why Lungu wanted such a big show of the event when he could cheaply have signed the document in front of live television broadcast from within State House grounds on ZNBC.

The money will be used for transportation costs, hotel and lodge bills, allowances for hired dancers and singers plus food and all sorts.

Can you compare that with the Tanzanian President who cancelled the entire independency celebrations in the country?

But as we spend such huge amount of money, the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) currently has no Panadols and other key drugs including insulin for diabetic patients.

Lungu himself is a confirmed diabetic patient and gets his daily dossiers of insulin from anywhere in the world at taxpayers expense but does not care how fellow diabetic patients are surviving at UTH and other hospitals and clinics in the country.

In normal countries this is the same money that is used to caution the high cost of living through minimal subsidies on items such as electricity tariffs currently way beyond majority Zambians can afford.

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