Govt to spend K40m asking cadres on withdrawing from ICC

Govt to spend K40m asking cadres on withdrawing from ICC

sudanThe PF has resolved to waste billions of money to consult PF cadres on whether Edgar Lungu should withdraw Zambia from the International Criminal Court.

Lungu will soon be travelling to Sudan to meet that country’s ruler Omar Al Bashir who is on the wanted list of the ICC. Lungu is equally afraid of being arrested once he leaves office. Harry Kalaba was this weekend in Sudan to meet Bashir on behalf of Lungu. The main purpose of Kalaba’s visit was to update Bashir on how far Zambia has gone in withdrawing from the ICC. During the last African Union meeting in Ethiopia, Lungu assured Bashir that Zambia will withdraw from the ICC.
PF minister of Injustice Given Lubinda will, on behalf of Lungu, ask cabinet to approve the spending of huge sums of money to go round the country asking PF cadres on whether Zambia should withdraw from the ICC.

The ICC is a permanent, independent Court that investigates and brings to justice individuals who commit war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide, where local police can not arrest the criminals because they are often in power and in charge of the police.

Lungu and his PF have so far murdered five Zambians but can not be arrested and that is where the ICC comes in.

The tricky part is that whether Zambia or other countries run by criminals withdraws, the ICC can still arrest criminals from those countries. For example, Sudan is not a member of the ICC but its ruler Omar Al Bashir is wanted by the ICC for his murder of black people in Darfur.

According to notes leaked by himself, Lubinda will push to get cabinet approval to allow his Ministry to carry out national wide consultations on whether the country should cut ties with the ICC.

Lubinda wants the PF to hold consultative conferences in each district which will culminate in the development of a position paper which will then be re-tabled in cabinet. Going round in circles that the brainless idiots they are.
This process itself is illegal. The constitutional way to ask citizens on such matters is through a referendum because a referendum is binding and not this expensive joke the PF wants to undertake.
In the cabinet memorandum, Lubinda is proposing to spend over K3 million for the consultative process.
Government sources have however told the Watchdog that the actual amount that would be spent is close to K40 million as it would include ferrying cadres to these meetings.
But All People’s Congress (APC) says it would be criminal for Zambia to withdraw from ICC.
Mr Msoni said Africa should not allow a few criminal elements to manipulate the continent from leaving the international court saying Zambia should not act under the influence of mob psychology with other African countries to withdraw from the ICC without making a clear case for doing so.
“A few criminal elements in the African Union who are potential indictees themselves to the ICC should not be allowed to manipulate and use innocent clean hands of incompetent political novices by bribery and influence to coerce and encourage them to hastily pull out their respective countries from the ICC in order to serve their own skins,” Mr Msoni said.
Mr Msoni said Africa has no courts with the necessary jurisdiction and capacity to deal with criminals charged with crimes against humanity, adding that withdrawing from the ICC would give impunity to African leaders to abuse their positions.
“Arguably withdrawing from the ICC is endorsing lawlessness and encouraging impunity of regimes on their own citizens. In other words, withdrawing effectively means that leaders will never uphold and observe the rule of law,” he added.

The photo below shows the work Bashir’s genocide in Darfur. This is the person Lungu and his friends are supporting

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