Govt urged to intervene in planned massacre of non-Lozis

Southern African Center for Constructive Resolution of Disputes (SACCORD) has called on the Zambian government to quickly intervene in the planned killings of non-Lozi speaking people in Western Province this Friday 14th January, 2011 by a group calling itself the Black Bulls.

SACCORD Executive Director Lee Habasonda says the groups agitating for secession of the Barotse land from Zambia should be given an audience.

Mr. Habasonda says the Zambian government should realize that people’s lives are at stake and government should move in cautiously.

He says failure by the government to move in cautiously might result in the western province being very unstable.

He says the government should not only dialogue with the traditional leadership in the province, but also groups claiming to be fighting for the Barotse agreement.

Mr. Habasonda has also called on the politicians in the country to avoid politicizing the issue of the Barotse agreement.

He says politicians should desist from making unwarranted statements on the issue.

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