Government vehicles join HH convoy in Itezhi Tezhi

Government vehicles join HH convoy in Itezhi Tezhi

Bweenga UPND candidate Hamududu taking part in a traditional dance in Bweengwa villages

Business came to a standstill in Itezhi Tezhi district Thursday when United Party for National Development (UPND) President Hakainde Hichilema visited the area to drum up support for its candidate Monde Monde.

And UPND supporters dismantled a camera and recorder for the Watchdog journalist who was covering the event.
Hichilema was received by a thunderous welcome in the constituency whose only visible challenger to UPND is MMD’s David Diangamo.
Both government and public transport vehicles were seen in the convoy of Hichilema as he went through the main market to ZESCO lodge where he rested and met senior party officials in the district.
Addressing a huge rally in the area to drum up support for Monde Monde, the party’s parliamentary candidate, Hichilema said real change was about Zambians participating in issues of governance at all levels.
Hichilema said it was not too late for Zambia to record meaningful development if the people can commit themselves to the real change that was being offered by the UPND.
“The people of Itezhi Tezhi I have come back today to give you someone you can work with in a more proactive manner in the quest to achieve meaningful development and fight poverty together under the leadership of Hakainde Hichilema, the massage of real change we are sending to the people throughout the country is of giving hope to all Zambian,” said Hichilema.
Hichilema told a huge crowd that Zambia will continue to dive into economical calamities if the current regime is not voted out of leadership.
He said the failure by the leadership of President Rupiah Banda to priorities the needs of the people in addressing issues of poverty and high levels of unemployment among the majority youths was also a
concern of the UPND.
“We are a caring party which will strive at ensuring that once we form government on September 20th,  issues of corridor diseases for our farmers here will be history, the poor road network will be worked on,
we shall create thousands of jobs for our young people, civil servants shall get not less than 5 million Kwacha, we shall also provide free education for all up to university level and that is attainable by a
visionary leadership,” he said.
He said UPND as a party was going through a period of identifying true leaders and those that have decided to leave the party after they were not adopted have only exposed their true colours.
And Hichilema said that there were more rebels in the UPND who hid themselves in being serving Members of Parliament.
“Today Raphael Muyanda has decided to join the MMD which is his right, he has joined a person he called corrupt and lacks leadership principles and Beene was one of the people that I personally trusted
and thought was going to be with the party despite not adopting him, he served as a Member of Parliament and as the party we decided to adopt Monde Monde,” he said.
Hichilema assured the people of Itezhi Tezhi that the UPND will form government. Hichilema is today expected to address a public rally in Namwala to drum up support for the UPND candidate.
Meanwhile, UPND supporters grabbed and broke both the camera and the recorder for the Watchdog reporter. The cadres, who besieged the reporter, grabbed the camera and smashed it on the ground. “They grabed my camera and the recorder, the smashed both on the ground and started stepping on the equipment, I reported the matter to the police but they could not do anything as they claimed that they did not have enough man power to apprehend the suspects.

In Bweengwa constituency UPND parliamentary aspiring candidate Highvie Hamududu has spelt out the party’s manifesto on agriculture and education to villagers in his constituency.
Hamududu has told the people of Bweengwa not to make a mistake by voting for tired leaders who have little understanding about issues of economical growth and the management of the agriculture sector.
“UPND will ensure that it runs an economy that will grow at least 10 percent annually to deal with a backlog of high levels of poverty that has besieged the country for over 30 years now,” he said.
Hamududu who is also the immediate past law marker for the constituency said that the current growth of 6 percent has very little effects on the high poverty levels the country was experiencing,
adding that the pursuit for the economical growth could only be achieved by the UPND.
“The pursuit for economical growth the UPND is talking about depends on Zambians and it should be on the center stage, while we appreciate the role of foreign investors as a country we need to invest in long
term prosperity programmes for Zambia,” he said. He said world over sustainable economic development is attained and depended upon its citizenry.
Hamududu told the villagers that UPND will strive to attain the acceptable economical development which will have a direct effect to the people at grassroots and subsequently address the issues of
unemployment and poverty.
“We shall run a lean and efficient and effective government that will have a reduced number of cabinet ministers trimmed from the current 67 to less than 30 in order to serve and channel funds to other important sectors such as education, health, infrastructure, agriculture and
other social sectors,” he said.
He said free education and health was the only way the poor people in both rural and urban areas would meaningfully benefit from the economic growth of the country.

Hamududu said it was high time Zambian leadership learns from South Korea who huge investment in education has paid off as exhibited in
the supremacy of innovations in electronics and other sectors.
“I am very touched about the increased number of school drop outs because of not having money to take the children to school, it is very saddening, yet you say there is a government in place, let’s change
and embrace real change which will provide free education from primary up to university,” he said.

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