Grade 7 PF MPs ask Kambwili to help them recontest the seats

Information minister Chishimba Kambwili has told some PF MPs who do not have the grade twelve certificates that he is able to convince President Edgar Lungu to influence parliament on condition that they recommend that he is nominated as Lungu’s running mate.

Sensing danger that the education clause that they ignorantly voted for in parliament has spelt doom, the MPs and ministers who have now been nicknamed as the G7 approached Kambwili to mediate for them.

A source said that the team has been having series of meetings and plan to hold Lungu hostage by scaring him that if he doesn’t abuse his powers to have the clause removed then they will vote for the opposition. At this that Kambwili found a weakness in them and told them that he can only help them if they also recommend to Lungu to nominate him as the running mate.

“They have been boasting that they are popular in their constituencies and want to hold Lungu hostage by telling him that if they are not adopted, then they will campaign for the opposition and that will be the end. So Kambwili has now also told them that he can help them on condition that they help him secure being Lungu’s running mate,”said the source.

Kambwili further said that himself he did not worry about the clause because he had a university degree and has already made money even if he is left out but it was up to them.

As he is desperately looking for re election, Lungu is likely to buy into this dupe, while Kambwili has already been talking about taking the clause back to parliament.

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