‘Grade 9 computer lessons exams a disaster, 700 pupils against 25 computers’

Below are just a few of the letters we have received on the ongoing grade IT exams:

Dear Editor,
Please post this for the General Public to know what is happening here at Chibolya basic School and hide my
ID. As I am writings this request, I am at Chibolya Basic
School waiting for my daughter to write the IT exams. I am told that the total number of pupils writing this Examination is
700 and the school has 25 computers only and some computers are failing and it 20:30hrs already. My concern is for our under aged children especially girls. Why can’t the Minister give free mark to the pupils writing IT Exams and send them home since its already late. The head mistress is saying the estimate time the pupils can finish writing this IT Exam is by 04hrs tomorrow morning and some of the pupils you are here tonight will be writing french exams tomorrow. This is the sign that the government was NOT prepared in terms of Computers at each exam center.
Concerned Resident


From Chikota Stephen

Zambia is perishing

I’m sending this message at exactly 20:00hrs (8:00pm) and I’m at Ngwerere.basic school in Garden área of Lusaka where Computer Exams is stil underway , The School has about 300 candidates for grade nine (9) exams thats both internal and extenal and the PF government brought 13 computers against 300 pupils and teachers had no option but to pair pupils in groups and as I’m posting about 100 Plus Plus are yet to sit for the exams and are expected to continue up to 03hrs and expect children to pass an examination written at 03hrs!! Parents are now panicking for the safety of their children especially
the girl child.
For sure where there is no vission people perish… God help Zambia

Happening right now, grade nine students at libala basic school have been delayed to write their computer paper all because the school has less computers. Because of less computers they have been put in groups nd write after each group is done i.e after 2hours. This is total incompetence by our pf government and the school itself because they knew they had such yet they couldn’t organise computers on time. Many parents had to rush to the school upon seeing that their kids did not return home. This will go on upto 22-23hours. This is so unacceptable.


Hi editor, ECZ should plan well with their computer exams for grade 9. How can 400 pupils use 3 computers. The exam takes 1hrs:30min and will take more than 100 hours to write the same Exam. This is 20:00 hrs and pupils are being forced to wait until 01:30 hours plus the loadsheding. This for sure will affect a lot of children.

Publish this Mr editor

Evening watchdog,hide my id and post to the public.am in monze and as am typing,we are remaining with 8 groups.we are using 4 computers with 1 printer.this may see us up to maybe 05hrs tomorrow.this gvt is doing us bad.very frustrated teacher.

Please hide my identify and post this for me.

The PF government introduced computer subject in all schools in the country. The grade nines are writing these exams here in KASEMPA district without the children seeing a computer in there lives.

The pf government has the exams ready when the schools have no computers to exam the children on. Kasempa day secondary school is examining the pupils in the night at Mukinge girls right now a distance of 9km from the boma.

My concern is about the girl child to be abused by fellow pupils and male teachers. If the government has failed we must be told they have than making children write exams in the night my child is not even back this is 20:50hrs Please us safeguard the interest of our children.
I am sure they are interested in elections not the future of our country.


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