Grade 3 Mpika pupil collapses after taking local beer

By Ernest Mwape-A grade three female pupil of Malambwa Basic School in Mpika collapsed Tuesday morning after taking two undiluted sachets of a local beer popularly known as tujilijili at a pub near Shangai market.

The named girl aged 14 was in a company of two friends – a male and female when the incident happened.

According to eyewitnesses, they had just seen two children holding a friend as she stumbled along the market grounds.

The eyewitnesses added that after inquiring, the children became uneasy and lied to them that their friend was not feeling well and that they were taking her home.

They said as the situation worsened, a boy gathered some courage and revealed that their friend had taken some tujilijili.

For fear that they might attract the attention of on lookers and eventually be arrested, by the police added eyewitnesses; the duo took their friend behind the building under construction and later looked for some water.

The duo poured several litres of water on their fainted friend, but could not be revitalized. But when she gained some consciousness four hours later, she started vomiting.

In a desperate move, the boy rushed to nearby shop and bought bonita milk which he gave her to drink. The eyewitnesses said after the girl improved, the trio strolled slowly to their Malambwa village.

Eyewitnesses suspected that the boy could have bought tugiligili for the girls, although the other one was normal.

When the Watchdog tried to contact the girl’s father who is former Malambwa headman on his mobile phone, his daughter, Josephine Ngosa who answered told the paper that he was out of the village.

Josephine said they were all wondering as to where the girl had gone because she left home in the morning and did not even go to school.



She added that everyone at home did not know that her sister had gone as far as Shangai market and vowed to treat her when she returns home.

“Bonse pa ng’anda tatwishibe ukuti nafika naku Shangai market, nga abwela aleisa mona (we don’t know that she has even reached Shangai market, when she comes back she will see),” declared her elder sister.

Josephine confirmed this evening (18:40 hours) that her younger sister has arrived home and she has not spoken to her because she is asleep.

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