Grand coalition demands new constitution

The Grand Coalition on the People driven Constitution making process has resolved to engage every available Zambian in its demand for the immediate release of the draft constitution and enactment of the same through a referendum before 2016. It has become very clear beyond any reasonable doubt that the PF Government is politically incapacitated to deliver a People driven constitution before 2016.
The Coalition during its national conference held today in Lusaka at Mulungushi International Conference centre has resolved to among other things map out a national programme of action which will require the participation of every Patriotic Zambian to participate in the demand for the immediate release of the draft constitution which the government has hijacked. While the Coalition does not find pleasure in people losing their jobs, we are very glad that one of the most stubborn Minister of Justice Zambia has ever had in the name of Wynter Kabimba was axed from his position by the power of God taking him from hero to zero. This is the man that we considered to have been misleading the head of state of the constitution making process and the implementation of the NGO Act in current form. He will go down in the history of this country as the worst person to have ever been at the helm of the Ministry of Justice.
The much talked about golden jubilee Zambia will be celebrating next Month is meaningless if the Country cannot have a People centered constitution which addresses the aspiration of Zambians from all walks of life. The Coalition is set to invoke necessary constitution provisions which allows for citizens to participate in peaceful demonstrations should the government continue being adamant and arrogate on the constitution making process. 90 days have turned into months and months have turned into years without any tangible nationally accepted roadmap on the constitution making process which is not only unacceptable but also immoral and a seriously sign of irresponsibility on the part of those in Government. If the government has no political capacity to give us a constitution they should come out in the open so that Zambians can begin to look at other options of Political parties which can deliver a People Driven Constitution.
Issued. Maxson Nkhoma

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