Grand Coalition explains why Frank Bwalya was ejected from meeting

The Grand Coalition on the Campaign for a People Driven Constitution in Zambia would like to set the record straight that it respects the freedom of association by its members contrary to assertions by the Alliance for a Better Zambia (ABZ) that its ejection from the recently held Grand Coalition Consultative meeting with political parties on the constitution was due to its association with the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).
In this regard, the Coalition wishes to state that it upholds inclusiveness in its membership and operations regardless of one’s political, religious, cultural and social affiliation but will not hesitate to apply its principles, regulations and rules on any member who goes contrary.
Regarding a statement issued by the ABZ leadership that its leader, Fr. Frank Bwalya, was ejected out of the consultative meeting at Protea Hotel due to his association with the PF during the January 20, 2015 Presidential Election is a misrepresentation of facts and the Coalition wishes to dismiss the assertions with the contempt it deserve.
To the contrary, ABZ leader was requested to excuse himself at the meeting because of his stance on the constitution during the election campaigns where he allegedly said that the holding of a national referendum as a means of adopting a new constitution was a waste of time and resources, which statement was a breach of the fundamental principles of the Coalition.
The Coalition further rejected to entertain any piecemeal amendment to the constitution being suggested by the government but demanded for the holding of a national referendum as a preferred mode of adopting a new constitution.
Issued for/on behalf of
Grand Coalition on the Campaign for a People Driven Constitution

McDonald Chipenzi

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