Grand Coalition in East implores Lungu to have morality and intergrity

Press Release 20th May 2015

President Lungu Called upon to uphold Morality and Presidential Integrity The Grand Coalition on the People Driven Constitution in Eastern Province calls upon President Edgar Lungu to uphold high standards of Presidential integrity and morality by honoring the promise he made to the Zambian People during his inauguration ceremony held at the heroes stadium in Lusaka at which he promised to enact a people driven constitution through a referendum.

The recent events which has seen government changing its position several times on the mode of enacting a people driven constitution does not reflect well on the ability of the head of state to honor his promises and his willingness and ability to be held accountable on his Presidential pronouncements . President Egar Lungu,s insistence proposals to use short cuts as a way of enacting the constitution does not inspire majority Zambians and if the PF government do handle the issue of the constitution with due diligence and respect it deserves, they risk de-campaigning their party ahead of the 2016 general elections.

It is sad to see how the government does not seem to learn from the mistakes made by the MMD when they tried to bulldoze the constitution making process through Parliament and the process failed because it did not reflect the will of the People. The Government needs not to bull doze the constitution making process but rather be consultative and open to views of stakeholders such as the church, civil society, students unions, traditional leaders and opposition political parties if the process is to achieve its desired target. We note with sadness and regret that the constitution making process in Zambia has continued to be a divisive process as opposed to a uniting process through which all citizens regardless of their political and social standing in society share their thoughts on how they think the country can be best governed through making submissions to the constitution making process.

Lack of Political will and tolerance by those in the ruling party to divergent views has always been at the centre of frustrating the constitution making process in Zambia. President Edgar Lungu still has a chance to raise above board and provide timely guidance and leadership to the constitution making process by ensuring that the constitution is enacted through a referendum before the 2016 general elections are held. The PF Government will be haunted by their own failure to enact a people driven constitution through a referendum should they insist to use short cuts as a model of enacting a new constitution. Issued: Maxson Nkhoma Grand Coalition Provincial Chairperson

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