Grant the Barotseland Agreement and stop fooling around

By Austin Mbozi

President Sata must just grant the 1964 Barotseland Agreement, otherwise Zambians and the international community must hold him responsible for any consequences that may result in failure to implement it.

When I warned that his creation of a Muchinga province would further inspire the Barotse activists and the Nkoya demands for a Kafue Province Sata’s minions called me all sorts of names. What is the result now? Sata is embroiledin the web of deceit which he knitted around himself, failing to get out. He could fool PF cadres to vote for him. But he will not fool the Barotse activists. As I said before, their promise to vote for him was strategic; it forced him to promise the Barotseland Agreement. And that promise has now weakened his strength against their demands.
Sata’s lied:  Barotseland had special autonomy during the Federation.
The lie he made as quoted by The Post Newspaper (29/12/11) when he met the Barotseland leaders at State House was follows: ‘Seventy –four –year-old President Sata recalled that although Barotseland was a protectorate within a protectorate, , when the federal government was formed in 1953, the region was treated no differently from other provinces’.
Lie!  Just months before the British House of Commons approved the Federation  of Rhodesia and Nyasaland in March 1953, the British government policy was that  all the four (not three) governments  involved in this Federation  must also approve its formation. These were (i), white dominated Northern Rhodesia Legislative Council , (ii),  white dominated Nyasaland Legislative Council , (iii) Southern Rhodesia  population through an all-white referendum and (iv) and emphasis is on this , the Barotse Native Government!
Since by this policy, the Federation would hardly proceed without the consent of the Barotse Government, Colonial Secretary Henry Hopkinson flew to Lealui to assure the Barotse National Council that their special status would be protected by the change of the name of Barotse Province to Barotseland Protectorate and the Provincial Commissioner becoming the Resident Commissioner. Of course, the Governor of Northern Rhodesia, Gilbert Rennie , was not happy with Lozi demands for special status. But he had no choice but to follow British colonial policy. He assured the Bulozi that their jurisdiction of the Nalolo and Lealui kuta would be extended and that the Litunga would not be interfered with by the federal government in appointing or dismissing his Indunas. In April 1953, he flew to Limulunga, addressed more assuring public meetings and conferred with the Litunga Mwanawina.    Subsequently, in the 1953 British Government’s Order-In Council, the special status of Bulozi was once again recognized.
So as a policy, the Barotse Native Government had special status. It was not ‘just like any other province’ as Sata lied. If there was no special status for Bulozi why would the colonial Government seek Lewanika’s approval for federation and not the approval of any other Zambian chief like chief Monze or chief Chitimukulu ?
Those doubting my history should get any history book they wish and disapprove what I have just given. Even Sata must be specific; can he name any federal ruler who said Barotseland was like any other province? And in any case, the Federation rulers were not the legitimate colonial masters. Whatever their deeds had no international recognition!
Sata’s lie number two: the post- federation colonial masters did not treat Barotseland like any other province.
Let us quote Sata as quoted by The Post again: ‘ When they went to negotiate for independence, the negotiators from Barotse Royal Establishment wanted independence, (but) the British told them , ‘yes, if you want independence , how are you going to survive? You are just a province like all other provinces in Northern Rhodesia. Therefore, what we would like to plead is with the Northern Rhodesia Government or the new Zambian Government to give you the same autonomy’.
So what does the above quotation mean? The ‘Zambian Government to give you the same autonomy’ as whom? As Eastern Province? Then why was there no Agreement like the Barotseland one in the other provinces if all were to enjoy the same autonomy?   And why did Sata promise to fulfill the Barotseland Agreement which gives special status to the region if at all he thought there is nothing special about Barotseland? Just what does the man we have in statehouse believe in, if anything at all? Even if you want to deceive can’t you do it more intelligently?  His utterances are annoyed the activists further.  If Sata thinks modern presidencies are as enjoyed as Kaunda’s for whom he organized market women to dance for, he is in for a rude shock. Modern presidencies are for the most addicted readers and thinkers, not those who open their mouths and just talking   ‘chi talking talking’.
As I keep saying Sata must delegate administrative responsibility to Given Lubinda or Guy Scott and simply enjoy the comfort of State House before he confuses everybody in the country.
Sata refuses to compensate Barotse activists: another act of deception
We quote Sata from The Post again: ‘ Some of you (pardoned activists) are saying we want compensation. To be compensated for what? And if you want to be compensated ask Roger Chongwe who was your lawyer to prepare a case for compensation. (But) I will also ask you to compensate me (government) for what you damaged…’
 Now analyze for yourself the above quotation. ‘ To be compensated for what’ (Sata meant: I refuse to compensate you)….’Ask Roger Chongwe who was your lawyer to prepare a case for compensation’ (Sata meant: follow the right legal procedure for the claims) …. ‘But I will also ask you to compensate me’ (Sata then means: its 50-50. If you force me to pay you using the correct legal channel you will refund me the same amount by paying me what you destroyed. Ultimately, you won’t go to Mongu with any cash!).
Now, you have seen where he began knitting the web of deceit which he can’t come out from?  Four days after elections, he wanted to appear to be a hero, a man of action. Yet his actions appeared thoughtless ones.  Without proper planning or consulting the legal advisors available to him through our taxes, he went about releasing the Barotse detainees using wrong legal terminology,  pardon.  In legal sense, you cannot pardon a suspect who has not been convicted. That is interference into the judicial process. If presidents were to be allowed to pardon at that stage they would pardon any suspected thief who happens to be their cadres, relatives or friends.   If the State and the public felt that the Barotse activists were arrested for wrong reasons, the state was better off releasing them by any of the two options. Entering a  clever nolle prosequi ( suspend the case unless further evidence if found) would have been more clever, because anytime the Barotse activists demanded compensation the state would argue that the case is not closed and it might be brought back to court anytime. This would have gone on till they forget about it! Another option would be to discontinue that case, but this can mean compensating them.
The Barotse activists are no fools. They have interpreted Sata’s ‘pardon’ before conviction to mean ‘discontinue’ the case, hence their demand for compensation!  And  am I not vindicated now? I said in the first article that Sata was wasting funds while witch-hunting to find out which police officer’s bullet hit the Barotse activists. He and his minions thought it would directly implicate Rupiah Banda. To date nothing.  I personally think Rupiah Banda should have allowed that Mongu meeting to go ahead. But to suggest that he personally ordered the shooting when he actually showed remorse for the shooting and advised police officers not to use live bullets in future is foolish.  Sata should just  have compensated the activists whom he released using the same money which he was wasting to feed Rodger Chongwe (around K2.6 million per sitting) to go not only to Mongu but to Livingstone and Lusaka to find out who told the police officers to shoot protestors. Then a Commission, headed by somebody else not their lawyer Chongwe, should have gone there to collect views on the implementation of the Barotseland Agreement. But as things stand, another Commission might be required to find out how to implement the Barotseland Agreement! More funds wasted!
President Sata must really be embarrassing his lawyers? So what record is appearing at the DPP’s office? Was the DPP’s office forced to amend his use of the word ‘pardon’ to mean a nolle prosequi?   Recall I warned that Dr Malama’s good professional background would be spoiled by failed colonial police constable, Sata? Look at how he ridiculed him in public and then force him to send cops to Western Province without being clear who to arrest and for what?
The DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions), as the ‘complainant’ on behalf of the state, should have been the one to work out modalities of releasing those detainees, not Sata. Article 56 (3), (a) of the republican constitution reads that the DPP shall have power” to institute and undertake criminal proceedings against any person before any court … .’. and then sub-section (3) , (c) gives him power ‘ to discontinue, at any stage before judgment is delivered, any such criminal proceedings instituted or undertaken by himself or any other person or authority’.  Then sub-section  (7) prevents people like Sata from interfering with the work of the DPP. It reads ‘In the exercise of the powers conferred on him by this Article, the Director of Public Prosecutions shall not be subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority’ (It will be definitely interesting to watch how   the new DPP Mutembo Nchito will keep at bay the King Cobra Sata who has a tendency to ignore laws.)
Kafue Province? Sata Promises to listen to the Nkoya
Sata’s promise in the same meeting, that he will listen to the Nkoya is vague and a time-wasting statement. He should have listened to the grievance before declaring that he would grant the Barotse Agreement within 90 days. The Nkoya demands are clear. Some Nkoya and/or Kaoma district residents want to be part of the Barotseland Agreement. Another group vows not be part of the Barotseland Agreement and demand a Kafue Province (After all as seen for Muchinga ‘only a Michael’ showed us provinces are made within a matter of weeks!)  . I will later write a detailed account of the Nkoya-Lozi source of conflict. For now the NKoya already respect that there are differences among them. So they propose that the only way to tell what the majority of Nkoyas want is to conduct a referendum involving only the Nkoya. And then Nkoya as a whole would be bound by the majority decision. So if Sata does not agree with the referendum idea he should propose alternatives, not making meanwhile statements like ‘we shall continue to dialogue’…, ‘this (State House) is your home’. Dialogue what when you already promised the Agreement? And Come one! The Lozi  never stood for the Zambian Republican Presidency. So they don’t want Sata’s State House to be their home! They want the Limulunga palace to be there home!
 From the look of things, the activists must watch their lawyer Roger Chongwe carefully. If he appears to be frustrating their cause to appease Sata, they should ‘fire’ him and find another lawyer. Rodger’s flirting with Sata is not impressive. He openly campaigned for Sata through the media during the elections, and then agrees to head a Commission of Inquiry on Barotse shootings instead of refusing as an interested party. Now he is also being appointed by the same Sata  to sit on the questionable ‘Constitutional Experts’ group! Can this man stand against the government of  Sata on behalf of the Barotse activists?
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    Lordhavemercy 6 years

    Good Article but only one sided arguments are presented making it difficult to get a balanced understanding on the issue at hand.

    Do you have any article which clearly states that President Sata promised BarotseLand to be independent?
    Zambia has been independent for the past 47 years, this matter was not resolved. Do you honestly believe that you can address it within 90 days?
    The map which was on this site, was showing boundaries of BarotseLand extending into Agola and Namibia. Have you already started talking with Angola to reclaim ‘your boundaries’?
    On the flip side if you have sufficient grounds as your article tries to show why don’t you take this matter to court and argue the case on behalf of the Lozi people?

    So far there is so many ‘pro’ arguments and nothing against on this site, however it seems to be only a discussion and nothing more. Independence you are unlikely to get in PF government or indeed another beyond PF.

    Remember that you will not insult your way to victory, look for something realistic such as decentralized system of governance you find in the US.

  • comment-avatar
    Saunders 6 years

    Southern province has been ruling itself for almost 11 years now in the opposition and you do not hear corruption and unretired petty cash, this means they are ready to rule themselves even without GRZ. These guys are so powerful, the time they have been in opposition, they have received huge investment, hence they do not care whether to belong to GRZ or not. I remember at one time mwanawasa brought investors who wanted to invest in Livingstone(southern Province), and simply because these people were in the oppositon, he wanted to diverge them to Serenje, but the guys refused and went back.

  • comment-avatar
    Democracy 6 years

    Democracy is about allowing pipo to choose what they think is best 4 themselves. It seems in this case pipo of barotseland want to be independent from Z. Why r some tryng to force them to remain in Z. Lets respect their wish. Even if some parts of Z decide to breakaway in future without any agreement like the BA there is no need by others to resist. Each group knows what is best 4 themselves. Different groups have different aspirations. No wonder the differences in vote patterns!

  • comment-avatar

    I truly hate my tribe Bemba because we always insult, majority of criminals in zambia are bembas.
    Its such a shame that our tribe bemba has taken other tribes for granted, kaponyas are bemba, prostitutes bemba, please, if the President honours the BA 64 indeed Iam going to be the first bemba to be honoured citizenship.
    Honestly Lozis are respectfull people, very intelligent and friendly. Please Mr President, can you give the Lozi nation their country back. Bemba will be lies and its wrong to do what us bembas do. Iam really ashamed of my tribe as you can see on most zambia bloggs, its insults one after another, full of lies and o respect for others.
    I don’t care if other bembas hate me, all i know is speaking the truth and seeking justice for the people of Barotseland. There is no Zambia without BA 64.

  • comment-avatar
    Tumbwe 6 years

    This Lewanika man needs to pay us, he was selling zambian land on behalf of our people, while he was protecting his own land western province. I wish he sold western province and not our zambia, we need to be compensated, and my own man Sata should start legal proceedings on this issue.

  • comment-avatar
    Malimbu Chipango 6 years

    We will not kp qt untill we hve our BA 64. dIE FREE, GIVE US OUR OWN.

  • comment-avatar
    Morgan JJ 6 years

    I see alot of dishonest in this new President of Zambia, he promised full restoration of the BA1964. This lie will haunt him until death.That is obtaining ‘VOTES BY FALSE PRETENSES’. This is stealing,cheating,the masses.

  • comment-avatar
    kuta 6 years

    How may times, I have to tell you that Litunga was a feudal encouraged and protected by colonial masters.

    Land in chiefs hands is retrogressive and an insult to the masses.

    Days of feudal lords and vassals are long gone. Europeans first introduced this in Europe and then brought to India and then to other colonies.

    In India, after independence, Maharajas (the erstwhile kings of their provinces) were entitled to privy purses as per agreements signed with them by the Indian government at the time of independence. They had other rights as well. Indira Gandhi abolished all those benefits and kings lost their palaces and subjects. All became equal.

    Precedents under Common Law are there for all and sundries. Zambia is not different and Barotseland and the feudal king shall be abolished once and for all.

    No more nonsense of Barotseland.

  • comment-avatar
    Ricky Bobby? 6 years

    According to Gilbert Lubinda above
    “In his campaign for presidency, Michael Sata promised the people of Barotseland that if they gave him their vote he would honour the Barotseland Agreement (BA) within 90 days. The people of Barotseland gave Sata their vote and today he is the President of the Republic of Zambia”.
    Just to throw tha cat among the pigeons, I beg to differ. Below are the votes from the last elections with RB and HH getting more votes than MCS. Western Province failed to give Sata the vote so he has no obligation to them over whatever agreement.

    WESTERN Province
    Candidate Votes Received % Against Votes Cast
    BANDA Rupiah B 62,592 33.20%
    HICHILEMA Hakainde 53,176 28.21%
    SATA Micheal C 43,579 23.12%
    MILUPI Charles L 21,640 11.48%
    CHIPIMO Elias C 1,208 0.64%
    KAUNDA Tilyenji C 954 0.51%
    MIYANDA Godfrey K 945 0.50%
    MAGANDE Ngandu P 643 0.34%
    NAWAKWI Edith Z 457 0.24%
    MUTESA Fredrick 209 0.11%

  • comment-avatar
    Israel 6 years

    Mukulanda mukanaka

  • comment-avatar
    Wapya baisa 6 years

    When you have nothing to offer you opt to make alot of noise,this so called Barotse Agreement is wasting our precious time to develop this country. Ba Sata dont wast time to listen to these mushrooming committees Linyungandambo, BRM, Barotse what… what…. ever, advocating for the restoration of the BA just referrer them to KK and the British Govt. Have you ever heard the KK or the British gov commenting on this useless BA that how you can realize that this issue is a non starter. STOP DREAMING LETS GO BACK TO WORK and develop Zambia our mother land for Gods seek!!!!

  • comment-avatar
    Tumbwe 6 years

    Sata just give them their impoverished western province so that we can live in peace, we will drive them from our land. They are too many in our areas of zambia like copperbelt, north-western, livinstone, mazabuka, Lusaka etc. we are tired of these people who do not even appreciate what we have done for them, why live on our tax money as their province has lacks economic power. They are even economic refugees in our own provinces. Those ones in livinstone are even extending slums and compounds like Malota, Milaka etc.

  • comment-avatar

    Lyalema Kuleya ndiinga moomba lisoteke abana balyo. I see Sata being haunted to his grave at a time he needs peace most. He must curse the day he learnt to tell lies.

  • comment-avatar
    mwangala 6 years

    We cannot condemn the BA64 without also condemning what was formed through that agreement.

  • comment-avatar
    Munasikwanda 6 years

    Let me tell you one thing boy. No matter how hungry I am in the underworld I cannot taste your blood because it is too cheap to go into me. I can hover over you anytime and anywhere, you and those around can suffer as the black cloth of the underworld can follow you for the rest of youe life. You are a naked baby before me. You cannot withstand the might of the abyss. Do not let wind sweep those around you for nothing – mwalacusha abana nabalupwa. Shut up!

  • comment-avatar
    No Name 6 years

    I am foreseeing our President creating a lot of trouble for himself which actually is humful 2 his health. He seem to have issues with the Barosteland, he has promised other groups in Western Province of his willingness to meeting their demands, and yet he is failing to create the Kafue Province with the speed that was used in creating Muchinga Province. He also seems to hurt the people of North Western Province. Honestly with the wealth coming from North Western Province, one just goes to build a university in Chinsali bypassing Solwezi? He is equally jelousy with Livingstone and decide to move away its Provincial Capital. As tho its not enough, the man only knows how to develop the Northern Region of Zambia. I am not lozi by 1de justice should be done to this country.

  • comment-avatar
    kmg 6 years

    ici naco awe mwe. icho ishina lyapalila ichimbusu!

  • comment-avatar

    @Munasikwanda i’ll go to any length to serve the majority of Zambians and not a minority.You want to sound tough and logical yet you far from that.Lets meet in person and see if you will be able to call me a monkey or do the cakasalazya kwale kumeso,whatever this rubbish mean.

  • comment-avatar
    Namutu 6 years

    Let Sata explain what he meant when he said he would honor the 1964 BA. Obviously that should be different from the status quo if not then he lied

  • comment-avatar

    “I am sure that when you think of African music, you will think of the African drum and possibly the marimba, like a xylophone. It may surprise you then to know that one of the favorite bands in Livingstone is a brass band. When Zambia was Northern Rhodesia they did not have an army; they had a police force. It was known as the Barotse Native Police. The rank and file of the police were men from the Lozi tribe and the officers were expatriates who had come to Zambia to work.

    As soon as the police force was formed the officers thought that it would be a great idea to have a brass band; they decided to find out if their men could learn to play. So they brought in trumpets and tubas, drums and trombones and they gave them to their men. The constables could neither read nor write and certainly did not have a clue about crochets and quavers. This did not matter, though. Within a short time they learned to play their strange instruments and the Barotse Police Band was formed. Every Thursday evening the band played in the center of town in Barotse Gardens for the entertainment of the townsfolk. It was thought to be one of the best bands in the whole of southern Africa.

    The other day as I was going through town I found the army brass band marching towards the Barotse Gardens, now known as Mukuni Park. The members of the Catholic Church were holding a fete in Mukuni Park and the army band had come to join in the fun and to make it more festive. The people in town all stood to watch as the band marched past and the children jumped up and down, they were so excited.

    As I watched them go by I thought of those days now a hundred years ago. Things were so different then, so much has changed. Northern Rhodesia is now Zambia; the bandsmen wear long trousers and a cap instead of shorts and a fez. But some things have not changed. We still have a brilliant brass band in Livingstone and they continue to play for the enjoyment of us all.”

  • comment-avatar

    My borther MCS planted a flame of fire in Barotseland when he promised to restore BA64. He dug his own hole. Muntangilwa is a traitor who Sata should watch. Can a loepard change its skin?

  • comment-avatar
    Taliban 6 years

    some bit of insanity in the whole process ..

  • comment-avatar
    enlightened 6 years

    f.y.i mr mbozi sata cant give away something that doesnt exist. the barotseland agreement was replaced by the land (conversion of titles) act 1972, which was repealed and replaced by the lands act of 1994. what this basically means that now, all land in Zambia belongs to ALL the people of zambia. it is held for them by the President, whose powers are delegated to the Commissioner of lans. ask your colleagues from law sch just upstairs from your office for further clarification, or history dept ku humanities. even the litunga knows because his predecessor signed an agreement with kaunda to ensure UNITY in the country. do you hear lozis who undersand the issues, like the litunga himself or influential ones like the winas, sikotas making noise about this? even kaunda is quiet, chiluba and R.B were quiet because they had competent advisors. what u people with blogs should do is ask people who are conversant with the issues to explain the facts to lay men.

  • comment-avatar
    Jomie 6 years

    The BA64 issue is complex but Sata made it even more complex because of simplifying it for political mileage during the run up to elections. That is why Austin is so cross. Anyway he has equalled Fred Mmembe in his style of arguement.

  • comment-avatar
    the shame of it, oh the shame of it 6 years

    just send the men into namib desert, leave the lozi girls for bemba breeding

  • comment-avatar
    swygart 6 years

    I do not think a national conference can help sort out this issue because this issue to a greater extent is about the people of western province and they ahve already made adecision. even if us the majority would say no, the affected minority would want to go ahead regardless of anything. they are alread resolved to have western province an autonomous province.

  • comment-avatar
    Tubulu 6 years

    Bembas should not even comment on this one because they are part of barotseland. Why should worry? Does barotseland extend up to kolwestan? I dont know why some bembas are so concerned about barotseland which is so far from them.

  • comment-avatar
    Tubulu 6 years

    @ Flood landscape, you must be a dog of some kind. You are the people who think thru assholes. For once use yo commonsence even if its not so common.

  • comment-avatar
    Digga 6 years

    @THE SAINT… Its because they are Lozi and know it would be futile and suicidal to illegaly try and claim territories and land that belong to other tribes (Tonga, Ila, Luvale, Kaonde, Lunda, Lamba, Lala, Bemba) because it was never and has never been theirs in the first place…. They should never dare bring my land NW of Zambia into any issue.. We dont speak Lozi… They are free to advocate for the land around Limulunga / Lealui and Sesheke.. if they want isolation..

  • comment-avatar
    Two Days 6 years

    I think it is time that we stop talking about this issue and think forward.if you say your Lewanika signed for minerals with the BSA,which minerals are those?Do we have any mining activities in western province. your chief was busy giving out lands to whites beyond his baundaries.if your chief was wiser he was supose to build his palace in copper belt.Or no people Lozis are racist and power hungry because they no that of late western province is not producing powerful politicians to compit with rest as it was before.any way y dont they start claiming their so called land from our neighbours and see if it can help them.if you’re not happy go back south where you came from.zambians are peaceful people and we dont want you to bring cofusion.peace peace peace and forget BA64 talk about developments.

  • comment-avatar
    Mp'nga Mbizi 6 years

    Austin Mbozi
    The education you have acquired has unfortunately not improved your common sense. The BA64 issue is too complex to be handled in the few days that the PF has been in power. Give it time, let the report come out first and give dialogue a chance, then you can start making noise. Otherwise shut up.

  • comment-avatar
    THE SAINT 6 years

    There are many learned Lozi lawyers. Why don’t they take the Zambian government to court over this matter?

  • comment-avatar
    Miles 6 years




  • comment-avatar
    Mutala 6 years

    It is gratifying to note that more enlightened Zambians are becoming more conversant with the BA64 subject.The issue is not trivial as most illitrates think it is.If the Litunga never appended his signature to the agreement,there could be no Zambia to talk about.People should take time to be schooled on this issue before they exhibit their ignorance.I wish to advise people to read a book entitled ‘2014 ZAMBIAN CONSTITUTION FINALLY RIGHTED’ by Sitwala Namwinji Imenda which prophesis the current events under discussion.Barotseland issue is of international concern which require interlectual approach rather than be tackled by callboys.

  • comment-avatar
    IDI AMIN 6 years

    Just let barotseland tribes that make lozi vote in a referendum if they want to stick or part with northern rhodesia.
    viva south sudan viva scotland viva barotseland

  • comment-avatar
    Flooded.landscape 6 years

    These guys are coming from behind, well they are just giving us stories to while our free time away. They will just end up exhaulsting their vocabulary to try to explain their non-starter egos. Zambia was already demarketed so lets just forget about that useless paper called Barotse something and concentrate on Kuomboka.

  • comment-avatar
    Munasikwanda 6 years

    @ Esco and Highhorse
    You two idiots you seem to be from the federal system and sons of a dictator where you think people can be eaily eliminated or thrown under the sea. Stop dreaming and live now you chaps. Touch anyone of these guys writing to the Zambian Watchdog in particular Austin Mbozi, Stephen Milimo, Given Mutinta and Tobias Haatembo and you will know cakasalazya kwale kumeso, what made the patridge to have a red face . Stop intimidating people you archaic fellows. If you are alergic to the freedom of expression do not visit this site you monkeys.

  • comment-avatar
    Highhorse 6 years

    Anyone who knows mbozi will admit he is a numskull,foolish enough to not only make such comments but openly suggest subversion.Who said we arent democratic, this chap would be at the bottom of a lake in some countries.

  • comment-avatar

    Give anaconda chance mr mbozi put yourself in is shoes.just like in a family no one can sort all the problems at once,nipanono pano.

  • comment-avatar
    Commander Zero 6 years

    I agree with some blogger who says there is too much intelligence in this piece of writing to belive it is Mbuzi’s. In any case well done, sounds like you researched quite a bit this time around. At this rate I can confer a honorary doctoral degree on you..thus from today you are Dr.Idiot Mbuzi!

  • comment-avatar

    Lozis advocating for this should know Zambia is bigger than them.OP just start terminating people like Austin Mbozi and others like him.And i wouldnt mind taking that role myself,because i love my country.

  • comment-avatar
    Unemployed 6 years

    We are still waiting for job creation. Its like this government has no plan.

  • comment-avatar
    Unemployed 6 years

    We are watching, and when time comes for voting, we will act accordingly.

  • comment-avatar
    waresfdcgt 6 years

    Did Mbozi write this? Quite an improvement I must state. Looks like some intelligent guy wrote it and Mbozi (since he considers himself courageous) appended his name to it. Good work Mbozi and let us see sensible writing like this. I hope it is one of your new year resolutions!

  • comment-avatar

    Barotseland Agreement

    7 January 2012

    In his campaign for presidency, Michael Sata promised the people of Barotseland that if they gave him their vote he would honour the Barotseland Agreement (BA) within 90 days. The people of Barotseland gave Sata their vote and today he is the President of the Republic of Zambia.

    In spite of this, Sata has been sluggish in honouring his promise. In many Zambian cultures promising is perceived as accountability. Thus, when a person breaks a promise it is perceived as manipulation and being disrespectful to others, not only to their expectations.

    Sata’s failure to honour the BA has not only broken his promise but he has overtly attacked our value of honesty.

    Barotseland Status

    Barotseland was the first Nation north of the Zambezi to sign a minerals concession and Protectorate Agreement with the British South Africa Company (BSAC) of Cecil Rhodes. Later King Lubosi Lewanika I (1842–1916) protested to London and to Queen Victoria that the BSAC agents had misrepresented the terms of the concession, but his protests fell on deaf ears, and in 1900 Britain formally annexed the territory as a protectorate and governed it as part of North-Western Rhodesia.



    The Attorney-General
    Ministry of Legal Affairs
    P.O. Box 50106 LUSAKA
    Your Honour,


    It is beyond any doubt that our relationship (with Zambia) was intended to be based on the Barotseland Agreement 1964, but it has been rejected by the Zambian government.

    Considering that it was the Attorney-General, who had asked the Zambian Parliament to abrogate the Barotseland Agreement 1964, (ref GRZ Gazette No. 513 of Friday, 29th August 1969) we, the People of Barotseland, and indeed Patriots and Nationalists of Barotseland have undertaken to write to you, with a view of enabling your government to put on record, that as people belonging to a nation that has been unjustly plunged into black colonialism by artifice, after due consideration ,and consultations among ourselves, we now wish to give vent to our feelings at this point in time, and would like to strongly . and categorically state that we are longing for our total political, economic and social independence, true identity and real nationhood.

    Looking at Barotseland from a broader spectrum, namely, biblically, rationally, politically, culturally, economically and legally, we note that Barotseland was destined to be ruled by her own people and not to be occupied illegally by Zambia as a new found land without people.
    Really, there is no rational or justifiable reason for the subjugation of Barotseland by Zambia. Occupation and colonisation of one country by another is outdated, unworkable and totally unacceptable in this age, era and time.


    i) For those who believe in Christianity and uphold Christian values by proclamation or declaration should read their New Testament, Acts 17 verses 26 -, “God made all nations of men, and has determined the boundaries of their territories.” Deuteronomy 27 verse 17 -, “Cursed is {he one who moves his neighbour’s landmark.” Deuteronomy 28 verse 49-, “The Lord will bring a nation against you from the end of the earth as swift as an eagle flies, a nation whose language you will not understand ” (Note: eagle- Zambian Flag).

    ii) Foreign Office, London instructions to Coryndon No. 184 of 1st May 1897 acknowledges Barotse as a Nation…

    iii) Esq. Youe, the Nigerian Political Analyst, in his book, “Politics of Collaboration” 1810 – 1914 states that Barotseland emerged in the 20th Century with more sovereignty than any other groups in the sub-continent, what he called Barotse Social Order.

    Esq. Youe rightly described Barotseland as an empire (Journal of Empirial and Commonwealth History). iv) Both the pre-colonial and colonial era speak volumes about the Sovereignty of Barotse Inter alia: the Secretary of State for Colonies, Sir P. Cunliffe Lister wrote in December 1931 as follows: – “…..the intention of the Agreement of 1900 must be kept clearly in view. There can be no doubt that the essence of this Agreement was that the Barotse Nation should preserve their individuality, their territory and their self-government…. ”


    1. To claim that Barotseland merged with Zambia in 1964 is to exhibit one’s folly as a result of failing to understand what really, happened. Barotseland entered into Agreement in 1964 to secure her autonomy side by’ side with the Zambian government. The Northern Rhodesia Independence Conference Report of 1964 reads in part as: – .

    2. “The conference held 14 plenary meetings between 5th May and 19th May, under Deputy Chairmanship of Mr. Richard Hornby MP Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations and Colonies and decided on a number of Provisions to be included in the Independence
    Constitution (Annex B) …..”

    3. At a final session, the Secretary of State noted that it was the general wish in Northern Rhodesia that on attaining independence, the new state should be a member of the Commonwealth…. ”

    4. The Secretary of State in conclusion informed the conference, that “having regard to the settlement of constitutional matters reached at the conference and to the separate Agreement reached outside the, conference between Northern Rhodesia Government and the Litunga of Barotseland, on the future position of Barotseland within Northern Rhodesia, the British government had decided that Northern Rhodesia under the name of the Republic of Zambia should become independent on 24th October1964.

    NB: The Separate Agreement outside the constitutional conference determined the future position of Barotseland.


    i) The British, granted independence to Northern Rhodesia not to Barotseland.
    ii) What became Zambia was Northern Rhodesia.

    We do not accept the misleading interpretation that future position of Barotseland within Zambia alluded to unitarism.
    The Barotseland Agreement 1964 just intended to preserve Barotse autonomy, but if the interpretation of the Barotseland Agreement is that it made Barotseland part of Zambia, then it is essential to realize that the same Agreement did not enter into force, the legal axiom is that the Agreement that has not entered into force is not legally binding; besides, its abrogation means rejection of Barotseland and the corollary of abrogation is Barotseland independence. ‘

    Zambia’s geo-political context and social-cultural context are evident enough to prove illegal occupation of Barotseland by Zambia. At his press conference on 26 August, 1969 Dr.Kaunda, deeply entrenched in power as President of Zambia declared: “…. We cannot have a nation within a nation. Barotseland is to become Western Province.” Dr.Kaunda was absolutely right. Indeed no two nations could make one nation, but falling short of common sense, he allowed his Parliament to regulate against Barotseland instead of letting Barotseland go to establish its nation as he had rightly observed.


    The Zambian government inherited the obligations of the Queen of Great Britain over Barotseland at Northern Rhodesia’s independence, and it still does so today. Inheriting the Queens obligations by Zambia makes Barotseland a de facto Protectorate or a colony of an African stat hence, the need for decolonisation.

    Having turned back 180O out of phase with the Zambian views, we are standing at the threshold of Zambia’s establishment and have now begun the process of Barotseland’s independence from Zambia.

    What is enigmatic, puzzling and baffling is Barotseland’s forced assimilation into Zambia. Administering our territory by force, coercion or artifice is not synonymous with unification. The Barotse people and Barotseland itself, have no wish to be colonised perpetually by a fellow African nation.

    We, the people of Barotseland, wish to make and implement our collective desire to take care of the political, economic, cultural and traditional issues of our country.

    This can only come about when we form government.
    We remain yours,

    The citizens of Barotseland,
    Ilukena Mukubesa
    Saeli Mwiya
    Samuel Kalimukwa
    Anakoka Mufungulwa
    Mushabati Mwananyambe
    Siyunda Mwangala
    Mombotwa Afumba
    Nayoto Lyamba

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    Twesheko 6 years

    I propose a National Conference to debate and agree on the way forward on the Barotse Issue…!

  • comment-avatar
    Mutale 6 years

    Why is it that Sata everytime he opens his mouth LIES come out. He should learn to say the truth. Campaign time is over please learn to say the truth. Do not thrive on lies shikulu. Do you want to be remembered as a father of lies? I voted for you but i do not subscribe to your limitless lies. When will you mouth bring out truth? We are fed up of lies, lies, lies, and lies!

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    educated lozi 6 years

    dnt use the baroste agreement as politico sympathy.d lozi dint complain bout the realsd pipo y shud u mr mbozi!dnt b synico nd idiotic.agrement wr honourin dan afta u wnt hav wt to campaign we knw ure jst tryn to frustrate pf so dat thy shut u dwn it wnt work?grow up nd stp tryn to b d post jst b profesional cz evn the post re imature at tyms!!

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    Mundia 6 years


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    bwafya,Sata can not use magic bane thats why he sent a Commission to look into this matter. Give him time bamabala, you want him to make a silly mistake again u start condeming him ati nalufyanya. Kaunda is still alive let him advice on this one bashetani imwe.Less than 4 months you want our dear President to do efyo ba Kaunda who ruled for 27 years failed to do. Ka Chiluba ruled for 10 years nako kalifilwa leave ba Micheal alone let him rule.