Grayford Monde says Sata will appoint some more deputy ministers

Expelled UPND itezhi tezhi Member of Parliament Grayford Monde on Tuesday afternoon shocked civil servants attending the central province development coordinating committee  (PDCC)  at the Boma conference hall in Kabwe when he announced that President Michael Sata will appoint more deputy ministers.

Monde who is also also deputy minister for agriculture made the remark in an attempt to dodge the question from Mkushi district commissioner Christopher Chibuye who wanted to know why the Nansanga farming block has continued to be neglected by the PF regime.

According to Chibuye, a number of investors had come and held talks over the posssibility of investing in Nansanga but the PF controlled Zambia development Agency (ZDA) has continued to turn them away, possibly to corruptly award the investment to their chosen allies.

“It is the principal of the PF to appoint more deputy ministers to some of these ministries for efficiency,” said Monde, who looked out of place, without elaborating his statement. PF’s bloated government has attracted wide criticism in the country and currently there is a ‘Black Friday’ protest aimed at addressing the bloated cabinet, among other dictatorial tendencies being exhibited by Sata.

Whenever Monde rose to contribute, his comments were found detesting by members while his district commissioner (DC) Roy Nangalelwa who is also reportedly interested in contesting the Itezhi tezhi seat contributed better to matters pertaining to the district.

Meanwhile the PDCC meeting has failed to address the misapplication of huge funds that were allocated for the completion of infrastructure at Mulungushi and Nkrumah universities, which have since been abandoned and led to Mulungushi students boycotting exams while their Nkrumah colleagues booed Kabwe DC  Patrick Chishala when he tried to address them on the removal of subsidies last week.

During the meeting, it was discovered that most of the tasks assigned in the last PDCC meeting held last year were not attended to thereby making the exercise fruitless but costly undertaking, drawing provincial heads of departments and all the DCs and town clerks in the province.

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