Greed, hunger for power cracks PF

By Correspondent

Finnancial greed and hunger for political power are insidiously plunging the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) into chaos as the battle for power and looting is oscillating between factions with President Michael Sata showing no sign of being in-charge of his ministers and the country’s affairs.

The battle for political supremacy and the thirst for financial command in the PF just one year in government have left the country in a governance crisis as President Sata has continued with his silence on matters that could have called for his immediate action.

Greed and hunger for power have caused wide cracks in the ruling party and President Sata has the challenge of mending the gap in the cracks or he will not stop some fallen angel or serpent that is going to slip through the cracks to annihilate the party.

Sources in the ruling party have revealed that President Sata’s inability to deal with his politically delinquent and corrupt ministers is as a result of him having sold his political soul and authority to a clique of financially gluttonous individuals who are acting surrogate presidents.

The highly placed source within the PF said President Sata is the cause of the deepening power and financial struggle in the PF government because he has openly decided to side with some of the most corrupt elements in his government.

The source explained in an interview that President Sata allowed the corruption story to be published in the Post Newspaper against Defence Minister Geoffery Bwalya Mwamba popularly known as GBM so that the man’s presidential ambitions can be ruined.

And until last week, Mr Mwamba had the privilege of enjoying mortised escort, a privilege that is exclusively for the president and his vice and government says it was irregular that the Defence Minister should have such conditions.

Government, so it would seems that it only realized Mr Mwamba was wrongly enjoying the motorized escort after the corruption allegations were revealed a year after the man was appointed as Defence Minister.

Mr Mwamba, in his usual and expected behavior was so incensed that after the motorized escort was withdrawn, he decided to spit in President Sata’s face by surrendering his official ministerial vehicle taunting he was not such a poor man as to depend on government transport.

The source said President Sata was solely to blame for the current political showdown between Mr Mwamba and Mr Kabimba in the party because he has failed to be firm and neutral in his leadership.

Mr Mwamba and Mr Kabimba have openly accused each other of corruption with the former charging that the latter through his new company Midlands Energy Zambia Limited received a kickback from Trafigura while Mr Kabimba through the Post who are his sympathizers have accused the Defence Minister of soliciting a pole contract from  Zesco.

It said President Sata is in a quandary on how to tame Mr Mwamba and Mr Kabimba because of the contributions they made to the party whilst in the opposition.

It said President Sata has been promising Mr Kabimba a lot of things and that is why the Justice Minister has become the most powerful and arrogant member of the party.

The source said although Mr Kabimba is being propped in the party, the man is politically and morally insolvent adding that if the Justice Minister had any decency; he would have opted to resign immediately he was accused of having received a kickback form Trafigura.

Mr Kabimba has stated that he will not resign from his position unless the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) saves him with concrete evidence of his impropriety.

But the source said there is a presence that was set when Droa Siliya while she was Transport and Communications Ministers was forced to step down so that she could be investigated for corruption allegations at Zamtel.

He said it will be easy for the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) to investigate Mr Mwamba but not just as easy to probe Mr Kabimba who is the Justice Minister because he is the preferred heir to the throne after President Sata leaves office.

The source said Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe and Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba have ganged up against Mr Mwamba to vilify and discredit him so as to soil his political career using his insatiable appetite for money and political power.

The scheme to hound Mr Mwmba out of the PF is well orchestrated and so far it is working as the Defence Minister was for the first time not at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport to see off President Sata who has travelled to Japan just a week after returning from the United States of America.

Mr Sata has in the last one year in the presidency not sucked any of the truant ministers apart from former Justice Minister Sebastian Zulu whose dismissal was highly associated with his refusal to dance to the whims of the President but has been shuffling and reshuffling them in an attempt to discipline them.

The source said Mr Mwamba may be the first of PF cabinet ministers to get the boot if he does not play his cards well because those in the schemes know his weaknesses and are effectively utilizing them.

“The country and the party knows that Mr Mwamba and Mr Kabimba are extremely corrupt but as you have seen of late, it is only the Defence Minister of has been painted black while Mr Kabimba seem to be swimming in some support from the President and the Post Newspaper which is a strong ally of the PF and Mr Sata,” the source said.

A deputy minister in the PF government is concerned about the crisis in the ruling party and says some of the cabinet ministers have failed to handle their political and financial power because they did not know that authority comes with responsibility.

The source said most cabinet Ministers are not happy with the way President Sata is presiding over the party and national affairs but that there is little they can do because the man is being controlled from Bwinjimfumu road.

The source stated: “Is it any wonder that each time allegations of corruption and fraud surface in the PF government, the names of the director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito and Post newspaper owner Fred M’membe have ever popped up. Yet these are people who are so very close to the President.”

It is not surprising that President Sata has failed to comment on the corruption allegations against his two top ministers because his fears are that they can easily blackmail him.

There are fears that Zambia may soon become ungovernable if President Sata does not step his authority and act on the many dirty corruption and political schemes in his political party.

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