Greedy Lungu increases his salary again

Greedy Lungu increases his salary again


Outgoing president Edgar Lungu has once again increased his salary and other allowances.

This is the third time Lungu has increased his salary and allowances from the time he was elected in January 2015.

According to Statutory Instrument number 19 of 2016, Lungu is now being paid K447, 599 plus K117, 648 special allowance.

Minister of Finance Alexander Chikwanda signed into law Lungu’ s increased salaries and allowances on March 10, 2016 (last week). Worse still, the new salaries and allowances have been backdated to January 2016. This means that Lungu will be paid the difference of the salaries and allowances from January.

The latest increment means that Lungu increases his salary and allowances every four months.

Lungu’ s decision to increase his already blotted salary and allowances comes at a time when everyone is struggling with high cost of commodities including mealie meal.

Though he has increased his salary and allowances, Lungu lives in free accommodation when he is not gallivanting from hotel to hotel, he eats free food, tax payers foot a separate bill for his wild oats and legitimate children’ s educational and medication. Lungu himself receives free medication for his epilepsy and other sickness.image

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