Greedy PF withdraws university students’ allowances

The outgoing bankrupt PF government has indicated that the two institutions of higher learning, Copperbelt University and University of Zambia might reopen around 10th April next month but with conditions that sponsored students will no longer be receiving their meal allowances.

Education Minister Michael Kaingu told Parliament this afternoon, in what looks like a tip of the harsh conditions they will subject Zambians is they win, that the PF government will only be paying government sponsored students tuition fees but no meal or any allowances will be given to students.

This means parents and guardians will now have to meet all the upkeep for their children despite the economic hardships they go through.

In any case, everyone knows that the PF government actually does not even remit the tuition fees to these institutions hence their failure to pay workers salaries and allowances on time.

Already UNZA employees have not been paid their February salaries as we near the mid month in March now.

The universities are also sorry sights when it comes to basic training equipment and facilities as they are not funded by the bankrupt PF regime.

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