Green Party also sees no foresight in Lungu and his poor leadership

Green-PartyZambians are frustrated by the poor leadership they are being subjected to by President Edgar Lungu and the PF, says Green Party spokesperson Thompson Luzendi.

Luzendi said the current governance system lacked integrity, foresight and could easily divide the country due to immature tribal remarks by some senior PF officials. “As a party, we are really concerned with the current political system in the country, one which seems to favour only those in government at the expense of providing quality leadership to the Zambians. Right now, we cannot say that we have a leadership that is out to serve the Zambian people. It has actually brought more harm than good and people are frustrated,” he said. “In a short space of time, the PF has moved from being a party that is supposed to unite people to being one that can easily divide the country through its tribal sentiments. We have seen a lack of integrity in our leaders. We don’t see any foresight from our leaders.”

Luzendi said Zambians should brace themselves for more hardships with the PF at the helm of the country’s leadership due to lack of policy direction. “President Lungu has made so many mistakes in the short space of time that he has been in power and this is having a negative impact on the lives of Zambians. This can be seen from the current unbearable living conditions. Commodity prices have increased, the economy isn’t doing well,” he said.

“And with these terrible living conditions for the Zambians, the high poverty levels, President Lungu decides to surround himself with people that only want to benefit from his Presidency, the same people that president Michael Sata did not want to surround himself with.

He has not shown Zambians that he is a President who is bold enough to stand on his own or discipline his subordinates when they are in the wrong. But he needs to understand that his mandate is to provide Zambians with the type of leadership that will reduce this poverty and improve people’s living conditions.” Luzendi said President Lungu needs to stand and take charge of his party and the country because his leadership has a bearing on the Zambian people.

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