Green Party says it’s illegal to force closure of bars on 18th October

Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba has charged that the PF governments ‘ order to ban all entertainment activities and opening of bars on President Lungu’s ‘day of prayer and fasting’ on 18th October was illegal.
He said the Zambian constitution does not allow forcing citizens to attend prayers and stressed that the order was a violation of people’s rights and freedoms.
Sinkamba said if he wants to drink beer on 18th October no one should force him to go and pray instead.
Government has banned all activities of entertainment nature and has ordered the closure of all bars on 18th October 2015 to ‘force’ people to attend President Lungu’s prayer and fasting from 06 hours to 18 hours.
Scores of people who were scheduled to have Bridal Showers and weddings on 18th October have been left with no choice but to reschedule to the evening or change the dates all together.

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