Gregory Chifire vows to fight on despite threats

Gregory Chifire vows to fight on despite threats


He writes:
I have been reliably informed that those that are opposed to the fight against corruption and abuse of public resources have hired some of our brothers and sisters to discredit my personality and disparage me. Well that does in no way bother me.

Actually such only serve to make more stronger and more resolved to fight on because this is not the fight for you and me alone, but for the generations that shall come after us. To is a fight to restore national pride and the dignity of our people.
No amount of intimidation, no amount of beating will deter my resolve. Am not afraid of those that can force my physical expiration, but have no power to determine my destination, thereafter. After, we shall all expire one day.

We need to cast away our political differences, we need to push this agenda as a unit. Yes, the fight against corruption, sometimes may make us feel lonely, but we are not alone, greater is He who is in us, than in them. It’s time to stand up to ‘Goliath’, it’s time to face the might.

Understand this Zambia, all our institutions that our founding fathers set up to help fight corruption have all been compromised and paralysed. All we are left with is ‘unit of purpose’. It’s time we stood together, it’s time we fought for our motherland.
Soon shall inform you of the dates for court, am sure before the end of today, my lawyers will receive the summons. No going back.

Aluta continua.

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